Established the identity of Jack the Ripper: scientists from Liverpool posted the pictures

To finally reveal the secret identity of Jack the Ripper, for the first time, scientists have resorted to the method of molecular analysis of the shawl, which was on the neck of one of the victims of the killer.

More than 120 years, law enforcement officials can’t reveal the secret identity of Jack the Ripper, the resource LIGAnews with reference to the British newspaper The Sun.

To shed light on the murderer decided the staff of the University of Liverpool John Moores. They do not exclude that the killer could be Aaron kosminsky, mentally ill Jew from Poland.

The researchers conducted molecular DNA analysis of the shawl of one of the victims of Jack the Ripper Catherine Eddowes and alleged killer. DNA samples coincided with samples Kosminsky. By the way, the shawl was and remains the only material evidence in the case of a serial killer.

Jack the Ripper was active in London in 1888. He preyed on prostitutes, slit their throats and cut open the stomach. Still have not determined the exact number of victims of the killer.
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