Rich people with scissors

Thanks to the oil boom, many cities in Texas resemble a kind of “Persian Gulf” in terms of welfare.

For example, in Odessa hairdressers earn up to $180 thousand a year thanks to an influx of customers — new residents hired on drilling rigs and other objects of the mining industry. Win and other businesses — so, the profit of the local hotels for the year increased by 87%.

Appeared mobile hairdresser serving the oil almost at the place of work. One of these trailers is 4 miles from Odessa, near the town of Pecos, near which is situated the field. A regular haircut costs $40, but those who don’t want to waste time in a queue needs to pay a little more — 60 or 75 (with shaving). So it is not surprising that each of the 5 barbers earn $700-900 per day. Due to the demand for their services they have to work 6 day a week.
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