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Not Gods pots. My compatriot Elizabeth Pipko, 23-year-old model, apparently tired of just walking the catwalk, she decided to go into politics. Their first capital in this field, the young lady decided to capitalize on the field of fight against “anti-Semites are Democrats”. These bad boys among us, of course, can be. They can be among Republicans. But right Pipko not maturing, just to the left.

Steve king, the Congressman, a Republican from Iowa, which is already not the first acts of racist and anti-Semitic speeches she in an emphasis does not notice. Democrats have repeatedly drawn attention of the Republican leadership on the behavior of the legislator. The reaction of the former speaker Paul Ryan and one of the leaders of the “great old” Kevin McCarthy? Zero. Only after the statement of king that Suprematism or the doctrine of white superiority over other races must be recognized as legitimate, and not be attacked, the Congressman withdrew, finally, from one of the committees of the house of representatives. However, no resolutions condemning the racist speeches of the king (he harassed African Americans, Jews, Muslims, Asians), the Republican congressional leadership to take not wanted.

Do not become Republicans to adopt resolutions after the March of the Nazis in Charlottesville and chants of the adherents of the king “the Jews have no substitute!” (which means racist slang – “Jews make and direct the genocide of white Americans”). What resolution, if the President, trump said that among the Nazi stormtroopers were “good people.” By the way, if not for the locals who defended the city’s synagogue, she would have been crushed.

And what is interesting, and what girl Pipko does not know or pretends that he does not know. Sam McCarthy, who became the leader of the Republican minority in 2019, he wrote in his time in social media infamy that went with it: “We will not allow the upcoming elections was bought by Soros, Stayers and Bloomberg!” It smacks of old-fashioned anti-Semitism, isn’t it? McCarthy to blame today Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her poor choice of words about “children of benjaminas?” (A hint that the American Jewish lobbying organization AIPAC with the help of financial donations affect the vote in favor of Israel.) However, McCarthy was the loudest to scream about “antisemitische the character of the words of Omar”. It is for his “herd” he apologized. But the king, McCarthy and trump did not bother.

“Oh, not sewn you’d livery”, the Jews.

Michael Tripoli

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