Oslo will not manage without Russian aid: the Norwegian who stole billions?

In September 2016, the Russian “vsepropalschiki” squealed all over the country about the good of Norway, which has accumulated nearly $1 trillion. oil, and even distributes the money to everyone. Meanwhile, in Russia, as usual, everything was stolen. But after 2.5 years…

And like thunder from a clear sky comes the news from the neighbors to the North-rescue service completely ready to eliminate any emergency! So, horror of horrors, have to seek the assistance of a terrible aggressor— Russia. And the question arises: where is the money?

In General, where did these $882 billion? They, the reader, the Norwegians created a special Fund of wealth independent of the state, but under the control of the Parliament and Ministry of Finance. Stated that the Welfare Fund is based on the high culture of political trust in traditional Scandinavian values (the pirate raids of the Vikings, or what?)… Apparently not in the Norwegian culture and values such a simple thing as MOE. But there is a Committee for the prevention of emergencies.

And here is the head of this Committee said in an interview with the newspaper “Klassekampen” : “Our resources are very limited, and we are heavily dependent on foreign aid“. Here those times! It turns out, the newspaper writes, “if the North happens a major accident, the key role will be played by helicopters and other rescue equipment from Russia“. Excuse me, but where to spend the accumulated billions, which blew the media?

Why have not attended to the purchase of rescue equipment, training for emergency response generalist? Isn’t that in such industries the state should invest, is not the protection of citizens is the responsibility of the government? But the gist of the situation is that the Norwegian Fund is mainly engaged in payment of pensions, Yes… It is, of course, exceedingly useful and correct, here only to victims of major disasters do not usually need money, and basic rescue services. On the pack of crowns or dollars from the disaster area will leave.

Why am I writing this. To the fact that in a pursuit of illusive prosperity, higher pensions, insurance policies, each car and Villa, migration tolerance, the state should not forget about basic responsibilities — security. Military, rescue, medical, any. There will be a strong his army — will feed someone else. Not a good rescue, provided the latest technology — will have to cry for help to the neighbors, and not the fact that you will not expose the account, which will eat all the savings.

By the way, Russian rescuers are in the world as the best, most equipped, the most important. Forest fires in Italy and Spain extinguish our be-200, if there’s an earthquake or other disaster — again Russian “Centrospas” to the rescue.

Yes, it happens and we have a puncture, take Krymsk (where, however, it was not the unwillingness of rescuers, as in physical attack, otherwise it can not call) or Kemerovo. But these are isolated cases, and the lessons learned.

And so, any flood, hurricane first, emergency workers, and if not cope, then the military are on the scene and proceed to the elimination. So Norway has a lot to learn. Especially the proper distribution of surplus funds.

Valery Usachev, especially for News Front
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