Michael Pence called on NASA for 5 years to return American astronauts to the moon

The United States seriously intend to return humans to the lunar surface.

Last Tuesday Vice-President Mike Pence once again confirmed the space ambitions of the US and urged NASA to achieve this goal “by any means“. It is expected that American astronauts return to the moon in 2024.

Speaking at a meeting of the National space Council in Huntsville (Alabama), the politician said that the U.S. intends to redouble its efforts in this direction. The Vice-President directed NASA to carry out a landing people on the lunar South pole.

It is expected that American astronauts return to the moon in 2024. Photo: NASA

He noted that delays in the development of heavy missiles SLS (Space Launch System) is invalid. The project is experiencing a difficult period, and until recently, its implementation is significantly behind schedule.

The study of the heavens in the new century will continue with US or without them. But the Americans did not occupy a second place. The Americans lead, we will continue to do, “said Mike Pence.

The politician also noted that if NASA can’t send astronauts to the moon by 2024, the US leadership “will change the organization, not the mission“. Thus, the Vice-President warned the administration of the space Agency about the consequences that await her in the event of failure of the tasks.

Experts reacted skeptically to these terms. In their opinion, to implement a project of such magnitude in 5 years is extremely difficult. If the landing of astronauts will occur in 2024, it will not only be a huge success for NASA, but also to confirm U.S. leadership in the field of space exploration.

At the same time the skeptics admit that America has all the resources necessary to achieve its purpose. Due to the active development of private aerospace companies and inexhaustible experience of the NASA mission can actually be completed on time. The main condition of stable financing of this project.

The U.S. government has declared its intention to land astronauts on the moon in 2024 updated: March 29, 2019 author: Paul cat

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