Ouba Titieva human rights activist was sentenced to four years in prison

The Shali town court of the Chechen Republic has sentenced a human rights activist, head of the Grozny branch of the human rights centre “memorial”, to four years in colony-settlement. On Monday, March 18, according to telegrams canal of the human rights centre.

The sentencing lasted more than eight hours. The judge read the testimony of the 80 witnesses in the case. As reported by journalists, the meeting was attended by about a hundred people.

Ouba Titiev was convicted of possession of narcotics in the large size (part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code). According to the prosecution, in the car Titiev found more than 200 grams of marijuana. The head of the Grozny “Memorial” stated that the drugs in his car planted, and the criminal case was fabricated by the Chechen authorities.

“You should not have a law faculty, to understand the absurdity of this accusation. Prosecutors brought the accusation to court and tried to throw mud at me, 8 months to be covered with that filth on me,” said AUB Titiev in the last word.

Representatives of protection of the head of the Grozny branch of “Memorial” told the court about the numerous violations committed in the course of the investigation. Oub Titiev said that he was arrested twice: the first time the police planted a bag of drugs and found it themselves, but did so without witnesses. Because of this, according to human rights, they had to spend a second arrest, which occurred in the presence of witnesses.

Human rights activists consider the case politically motivated. Calling for the release Ouba Totieva made, in particular, the General Secretary of Amnesty International Kumi Naidoo. During the investigation the head of the Chechen “Memorial” became a laureate of the prize of Vaclav Havel.
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