It became known that Russia has cost the destruction of the Chinese s-400

After the accident with the missiles for China, it turned out that the insurance does not cover all the losses.

Thursday, March 14, it became known that the anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 “Triumph”, destroyed during transportation in China, partly was not insured. This was reported by “Fontanka“reports “League news Russia”.

According to media reports, is responsible for transportation of missiles “Rosoboronexport” in December 2017 signed with the “Independent insurance group” (NSG) contract of insurance on 346 million dollars. (about 19.9 billion RUB at the exchange rate at the time).

Russia has destroyed intended to China s-400 missiles

The policy was issued only for a single consignment of cargo, while actually on Board the vessel loaded two parties that the insurance has not been included – they were issued only bills of lading (deliver both the receipts in the receipt of the goods and waybills).

In addition, the newspaper The Washington Times published the words of the commander of the aerospace defense of North America General Terrence O’shaughnessy, according to which Russian weapons can reach U.S. territory in 15 minutes.
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