“Lift the village, stop the war, save the fleet,” – Kabaeva goes to the “presidents of Ukraine”

Well-known Russian journalist of TV channel “Russia 1” Olga Skobeeva after a detailed study of the rating of candidates in presidents of Ukraine has decided to “nominate” a candidate.

His campaign video on Ukrainian language, she revealed during a webcast on the Youtube channel of the program “60 minutes”, reports “Vesti“.

According to Skobeevo, the reason for the extension was the fact that Ukrainians themselves do not see among the candidates are worthy contenders for the office of President.

“Only 12 percent of Ukrainians trust the presidential elections, that is, the remaining 88 percent of the residents are skeptical about the elections and are willing to admit. So then what can be concluded? In Ukraine there is no worthy candidate,” — said the presenter, referring to the us analytical and consultancy firm Gallup.

His appeal Kabaeva recorded in the Ukrainian language on the background of the flag of Ukraine. “Lift the village, stop the war, save the fleet, give warmth and light to every village! If not me, who?” — said in its “pre-election” video.

A video message was also posted in the “Twitter” of the presenter.

After his demonstration Olga reassured the audience: “I say in Advance to all those who are now losing consciousness: “It was a joke!”

For reference: the Central election Commission of Ukraine has finished documents acceptance from potential candidates on a post of the head of state on 4 February. In addition, according to the Constitution, the President must be a citizen of Ukraine and live in Ukraine for 10 years prior to election day.

However, users were enthusiastic about the election video Kabaevoj. The video has received dozens of favorable comments.

“Then I vote for Olga, and this is no joke!”, “Olga, You have my vote with both hands”, “For Skobeevo, I’ll go to vote”, “Oh, no luck, no Kabaevoy in the Bulletin. And I wanted to go to the polls. Grow together”, are the comments below this video.

The first round of presidential elections in Ukraine will pass on March 31. According to opinion polls, the leader of the pre-election ratings are showman Vladimir Zelensky, deistvuyuschii the head of state Petro Poroshenko and the leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko.
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