Kapli size, like a hundred-Ton under the Earth are giant mountains

Representatives of the scientific world was able to identify the mysterious formations on the globe.

According to the specialists, mineral resources of the Blue planet contain a small amount of mountain ranges, consisting of hot compressed rocks. So, the above vnutrennost not audible to mankind due to the presence of seismic waves. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that the Earth flew by asteroid.

Such newly forming among researchers got the name drops. The first information about the structures Dating back to 1970, but since then no progress in the study of formations was not done.

Geologist ved Lekic, who is a member of the University of Maryland, focused on the fact that these arrays represent the most gigantic objects, but they have tiny particles of information. The first drop is under the Pacific ocean, and the second partly under the Atlantic ocean and the African continent.

The original abode of their existence can be considered a depth of several thousand kilometers. The length of such droplets is comparable with the size of a hundred Ton. At the moment, scientists need more serious approach to the study of the mysterious formations.
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