Any foreign military in Venezuela will be considered as enemies; in Washington made a statement

If a foreign state which are outside of the Western hemisphere, will decide to place their armed forces in Venezuela, Washington would consider such a fact as “a direct threat to security in the region.”

This is stated in the statement of the assistant to the American leader for national security John Bolton, published on the White house website, reports RT.

“We strongly caution the state outside of the Western hemisphere, from the deployment of military forces in Venezuela or in other parts of the hemisphere in order to develop or expand military operations. We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region”, — reported in the document.

Russian military specialists in Venezuela: Zakharova called the dates of their stay

Bolton also said that Washington “condemns the continued use of Nicolas Maduro foreign troops in an attempt to stay in power, including the deployment of Russian troops and equipment in Venezuela”.

Later in the Kremlin, commenting on the words of trump, said he did not believe that the bilateral relations of Moscow “should be concerned third countries”.

As emphasized by Russian diplomats, the presence of specialists from Russia to Venezuela is governed by the agreement between the States about MTC.
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