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Trading business can a variety of ways to increase income. You can, of course, to inflate the prices of traded products, but the excessive cheating, of course, lead to a decline in demand.

And you can go on the same way that some brick and mortar pharmacies that have achieved growth in turnover, attracting customers with its affordable prices.

Small pharmacies not only suffer from the high cost of prescription drugs which they have many to sell at a discount, he and the low rate at which they offset the cost of benefits managers (PBM), sometimes the amount received is less than the purchase price.

This question has come before Congress, but lawmakers still only criticize the pharmaceutical companies, claiming that the establishment of price policies consistent with not only their own financial interests, is a moral obligation. Manufacturers justify their actions by the high cost of developing new medicines.

A point of view of Yuri Davydov, who in 2015 was forced to close his pharmacy in the area of Oakland Gardens, existed for 3 years, and began to look for a way to save money on purchasing medicines. “They are not expensive, he says. – So do those who depend on prices. Why one pharmacy buys any product for $ 20 per pack and is located across the street for 40, 50, 60?”.

As a result, in November 2018 Davydov has created an online platform DermSource, which has signed contracts with more than 100 companies-producers and sells prescription drugs with a wrap in the amount of only 3%. However, currently, it is only possible to buy instruments used in dermatology. However, the platform is used at least 140 independent pharmacies located in 30 States who purchased during this time, the product of 1.6-1.7 million dollars, which otherwise would cost them 2.5-3 million.

The owner of World Pharmacy Isaak Pinkhasov from South Jamaica, Queens, started to use DermSource shortly after the start of its work and since then managed to save not less than 1,5 thousand dollars. Although the range on offer on this platform, and small, these medications also make up only a small fraction of those that it implements. “For me DermSource is a light at the end of the tunnel, said Pinchas. – I don’t have to constantly keep calling wholesalers, and to negotiate with them.”

Way for the owners of small pharmacies are services and other companies. So, DS Medical Holdings from Michigan, founded by Dave Bandyk, taking orders, combines them, and makes wholesale purchases of certain drugs, thereby achieving greater reduction of price than would obtain separately each of the retailers. According to Bandyk, thanks to medicines are the result of at least 25% cheaper than others.

As suggested by Davydov, those who are interested in reducing the cost of medicines, should combine their efforts and negotiate with more powerful retailers, perhaps Amazon or Walmart. “While there is no way to solve all problems, but a group of companies together can develop a solution acceptable to all of them,” he concluded.,

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