Military cooperation is not a reason for bargaining

The foreign policy of President Donald trump less successful than he is trying to introduce. And sometimes he hurts relationships with allies, evidence of which was his last requirement is that they not only fully paid for the American military contingent on its territory, but also added an extra half of that amount.

The White house sources claim that trump behaves as in the conclusion of transactions raises the stakes, so then you can go back on their word, achieving more favorable conditions. However, the agreement in real estate and international policies differ.

The President initially insisted on full payment plus another 50% took over South Korea. The agreement, signed in March, envisages that Seoul in 2019 will pay about $920 million for being 26 thousand U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula. That is 8% more than in 2018, but keep in mind that the contract will only be valid for 1 year, whereas under the 5-year concluded in 2014, when Barack Obama, annual spending growth was to be at 5.8%. In addition, the agreement for a longer period, was a factor of stability and reduced the likelihood of disputes between the allies, which is particularly important in the face of a nuclear threat from North Korea.

Similar tactics trump may apply in relation to Japan, where 5-year contracts were signed in 2011 and 2016. Evaluation research Congress held in 2016, Tokyo pays almost $2 billion to cover about 40% of expenses not related to the troop. But, according to Japan, in 2017 this share reached 90%, and the country where a 56 thousand American soldiers, is the most important ally of the United States, hindering the growth of China’s influence in the Pacific region.

The President’s desire to make money, including such Alliance can not only cause a negative reaction, but to convince other countries that support US may be terminated at any time, and solely for financial reasons. At the same time in the twentieth century, the United States has managed to ensure that the placement of contingents in all parts of the world serves the national interests, being a kind of measure of prevention against the emergence of regional leaders in Russia, China and Iran and allowing you to promptly mobilize forces in case of terrorist threats.

As said Congresswoman Liz Cheney, trump the desire to put everything on a commercial footing could be a blow for the security of the country.

The President would be wise to listen to the opinions of those who believe that foreign policy cooperation should not earn. Required lengthy consultations, not impulsive decisions when it comes to formulating strategic plans. Otherwise, it can come true hopes authoritarian States like Russia and China, who for decades made efforts to embroil the United States with its allies.

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