Important gentleman: Posner described the main difference between Europeans from the Russian

Vladimir Pozner long studied the differences in the mentality of Russians and Europeans. The opinion he voiced to the media.

The presenter came to this conclusion: by achieving high social status Russian man begins to consider himself “an important person” and decides that he doesn’t have to comply with the law, according to the resource LIGAnews.

As an example, Pozner told about the prestigious school, which is near his home. Immediately after the end of training parents in expensive cars come for their children. The machine she parked where it was forbidden.

Further more, in order not to pay fines they are numbers close the paper. The penalty is 5 thousand rubles, which is akin to five rubles for the ordinary citizen of Russia.

The same story, near the sports complex where Posner is coming to play tennis.

The presenter concluded by saying: “This is very typical for us and is not typical for them,” referring to the status of “great Lord” and disregard for the law.
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