Composer Didier Marouani filed a new lawsuit against Philip Kirkorov

French musician Didier Marouani filed a new lawsuit against Philip Kirkorov on the protection of copyright. The lawsuit charges the Russian singer of plagiarism, the leader of the French group Space announced at a press conference in Moscow on Monday, March 18, at the end of a tour to Russia. Claim 272 million rubles filed to the Tagansky district court of Moscow. Marouani claims that Kirkorov’s song “Cruel love” is similar to its composition A Symphonic Space Dream.

At the Moscow press conference, Didier Marouani said that he decided to announce a new lawsuit against Kirkorov after his tour in Russia. Tour on the 40th anniversary of the group Space, which began on 28 February, just ended. The musician said that he was advised to announce the lawsuit before the tour began, but he didn’t do that and insisted that the press conference was held two days after the end of the tour. Recalling his previous attempt to sue Kirkorov, Maruani said that while much has been done legally incorrect, and musician “was this story misled”. He was forced to change his Russian lawyer (the last time his interests were protected by Igor Trunov).

“The main thing I wanted was to regain his fatherhood song. I wrote in my life about 500 songs each to me as my child,” said Maruani at a press conference.

New lawyer musician Yevgeny Tarlo said that “the lawsuit filed on 272 million rubles while (…) in connection with copyright infringement by French composer and artist Didier Marouani his song. These rights have been violated by Mr. Kirkorov Bedrosovich Philip, composer Popkov, Oleg Vladimirovich, and their companies, which used part of the song (Marouani) — and this is the main part of the song, the most notable and significant, which is the essence of the hit — song that was performed by Philipp Kirkorov called “tough love””.

According to the lawyer Tarlo, the plaintiff “is a detailed study of the proof that these two musical works is similar”.

In 2016, Didier Marouani has filed a court claim against Kirkorov to recover from his 75 million rubles for copyright infringement — because of the similarity of the song “Cruel love” Kirkorov with the composition of the French “Symphonic Space Dream”. The court did not accept the claim for consideration because of a violation of the rules of jurisdiction (the claim was to be considered by district court).

At the end of November 2016 Marouani and his lawyer detained in one of branches of Sberbank in Central Moscow on Kirkorov’s statement on the extortion of 1 million euros. Later the composer and the lawyer was released, and the case of extortion has not been initiated yet.

In 2019 the Russian tour on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the group Space Didier Marouani began on 28 February in Krasnodar. Before the concert in Moscow (Crocus City Hall March 3) French musicians, made in Kazan, and St. Petersburg. The group then visited Space in Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Voronezh. At a press conference on March 18, Maruani said that his group has performed in sold out venues. In the midst of a tour firm RDS Records released in Russia a collection of the best songs of Marouani (63 tracks and more than five hours of music).
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