Ex-wife of the accused Nachalovo in diseases of the singer: “I never fed any pills Julia”

First husband of Julia Nachalova singer Dmitry Lansky denies all the accusations.

According to the publication starhit, the first wife of singer Yulia Nachalova Dmitry Lansky was accused that he brought the singer to anorexia and because of this she started having health problems that led to death, reports LigaNews.

Lansky said that it is an invention of journalists, and accused the media of spreading false information and PR on the death star.

“As for legends, invented by her would-be PR managers about anorexia, there is no supporting medical document. It is fiction and fabricated information for all hundred percent. I never fed her any pills and not forced to lose weight. It’s a lie,” said Dmitry.

According to Lanskoy, they Julia broke up over 15 years ago after a divorce and live your life. The man added that proof of his innocence in the death of Nachalovo can be considered that the second marriage Julia was born a beautiful healthy daughter, and therefore no health problems she could not be.

“All the accusations I deny. It’s been over 15 years since our separation. We had an emotionally tough divorce. Divorces in General are never easy. I never ever talked about it and did not give interviews, as it is a private matter. Key word: personal,” said Lansky.

As previously reported LigaNews, at the funeral of Yulia Nachalova with Kirkorov took place cynical incident. We also know that the friend of Nachalovo responded to the rumors about the “alcoholic drama” singer.
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