The Russian women are treated as “second class”: Posner explained why it happened

Women themselves are to blame that the Russian men treat them “as the inferior”. This opinion was expressed by Vladimir Pozner, a Russian broadcaster. At the same time women themselves believe that “men are more important than their own.”

Posner also noted that is found with cases of sex discrimination every day and resented the fact that women suffer treatment “Our lovely women…” and flowers on March 8, reports “Izvestia“.

“I just want to give in the eye,” said a Russian journalist. He recalled that the “women’s holiday” is a day of struggle for equality.

Important gentleman: Posner described the main difference between Europeans from the Russian

“In 1910 in the city of new York, several thousand seamstresses took to the streets to protest to get equal pay with men. And then Clara Zetkin proposed that the day be celebrated as a day of struggle,” Posner recalled.

According to him, today is still relevant Russian proverb: “the Hen not a bird, woman is not man.” The roots of the journalist sees in religion, 2где first there was Adam and then from his rib made eve.”

“And she, the sinner home, she seduced, she was expelled from Paradise,” — said Posner.

He also noted that Russia is for nothing “pahokatawa over the harassment”. Posner said that he knows many cases when in order to move up the career ladder, the woman had to sleep either with the Director or supervisor.

“And this is considered perfectly normal. And in fact, that’s so… I don’t know what to say”, he added.

Posner noted that there is only hope for a generation of people who today 16-17-18 years since they now have very different views.

In July 2018 in State Duma has called terms of overcoming gender inequality in Russia. In the lower house of Parliament believe that the elimination of discrimination will need 170 years.
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