Moment Taliban fighter claims he was in ‘Guantanamo for 8-years’ as group seize government

The shocking footage streamed on the Al Jazeera news channel shows a pack of Taliban fighters as they sit at the President’s desk in the capital Kabul having taken control of . A fighter then takes a microphone and makes a shocking claim that he is a former inmate of the US-controlled, ultra-high security detention centre Guantanamo Bay in Cuba where some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world have been caged by the . His comments come mere hours after President Ashraf Ghani is reported to have fled the country for neighbouring Tajikistan.

The unnamed fighter said: “You have been oppressing our people for 20-years.

“Thank you, God.”

The fighter then went on to make a terrifying claim about his past as a prisoner in Cuba.

He said: “I was in Guantanamo for 8-years.”

Guantanamo Bay detention centre was set up in 2002 by former US President George Bush after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The centre gained a reputation for torturing its inmates and subsequently branded for its major breach of human rights for imprisoning captives indefinitely and without trial.

To date nine inmates have died at Guantanamo Bay.

The fighter’s comments come as the Taliban have effectively regained control of Afghanistan after 20-years of western involvement in the country.

The group are now inside the government’s presidential palace and have demanded Taliban leaders from across Afghanistan to come to Kabul to form their ‘Islamic Caliphate’.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rushed to evacuate British nationals from the city.

The Prime Minister confirmed the UK’s ambassador will remain to process visas for those trying to leave, while also admitting the US withdrawal had accelerated matters.

Despite admitting a new regime will be in place, the Prime Minister insisted the Taliban cannot be recognised as legitimate leaders of the state. 

Meanwhile other reports suggest the international airport where thousands are attempting to flee the country has come under fire from the Taliban as all flights out of the airport, apart from military flights, have been cancelled.

In videos circulating online, thousands can be seen on the tarmac desperately trying to board grounded flights out of the country as security are nowhere to be seen.

It comes as a major evacuation effort is under way by western governments to extract as many citizens from Kabul as quickly as possible over fears they will be targets for the Taliban.

Over a matter of months the hardline group made lightning gains taking a string of regional cities and provinces as the Afghan army failed to hold back their offensive.


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