Under the noses of the Earth, the formation of new planets near stars DM Bullock appeared double of the Solar system

In the scientific world announced that now in the space of unique processes occur.

According to experts, in the open space is the origin of the objects on a planetary scale. The area of arising of the anomaly is a newly formed star DM Calf. It was found that the authors of this discovery are officers of the National astronomical Observatory in Japan. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Estimates say that the measure of distance of stars from earth reach 470 light years. A notable feature of this space object is its similarity with the Sun. The only difference is a less impressive dimensions, new stars.

Astronomers focused on the fact that the formation of stars began about 5 million years ago, while in heaven the sun about 5 billion years. Scientists have long haunted by the presence of the dust disk around the star, which tells about the beginning of the birth of the planets.

Several groups of scientists arguing about the size of this cloud, because each side had its own computer models. It should be noted that the radius of the outer ring is twenty astronomical units.

Before the satellite of the Earth the clock. Recall, Armageddon bypassed the Ground.
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