For impeachment does not need Republicans

During the reign of President Donald trump has repeatedly violated the us Constitution. He constantly earns on transactions with the participation of officials, including foreign, is involved in the Federal investigation against members of his entourage, abusing their right to Amnesty, and assigned the powers of Congress, declaring a state of emergency for a fictitious reason.

And recently it became known that the President was complicit in a Federal crime committed during the election campaign that this has ended in his victory.

Therefore, perplexed the position of speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, who opposed impeachment, because such a step would cause a split in society and is not justified. Still no President deserved removal from office in the same way as trump, and if Congress refuses to perform their duties, this will entail catastrophic consequences for the country — will remain in power, the President, who undermined the constitutional system.

According to Pelosi, impeachment is justified only if trump will do something that will require a response. But one can only guess what else he ought to do, the politicians finally decided to take emergency measures.

The movement Need to Impeach for almost 17 months says that the President has committed at least 10 violations each of which may be the reason for the ouster. Congressman Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the legal Committee, has acknowledged that trump obstructed justice. But despite this, Pelosi and other Democrats are not ready to move from criticism to action, because to achieve that in this they were supported by the Republicans.

The latter, as shown by the various issues, from combating armed violence to immigration reform are not interested to go forward.

In this situation, his word has to say to ordinary Americans, who increasingly come to the conclusion that impeachment is necessary. Supporters of our political movement, which is the most rapidly growing, are 7.6 million people. People advocate that the President, like everyone else, complied with the law. And Pelosi should consider the mood.

Tom Stayer,

founder of the Need to Impeach

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