The guy from Florida, kusasi killed a few, believed that he is “half dog”

The guy from Floridawho is accused of killing the couple, believed that he is “half man, half dog”, when police found him near the homes of the victims. At this time the suspect was chewing on the face of the murdered men.

This is referred to in the report from the forensic psychologist, Dr. Philip Resnick.

22-year-old Austin to Harroff charged with the murder of Michelle Mishcon and John Stephens and the attempted murder of neighbor pairs of Jeffrey Fisher, who tried to help spouses. Stevens and his 53-year-old wife was bludgeoned to death near his home in the County of palm beach in 2016. When on a scene there arrived the officers, Harroff sat on Stevens, biting his face and growling.

In the 38-page report on mental health published by the County Prosecutor’s office Martin, Dr. Phillip Resnick said that Harroff did not feel like a man when attacked victims August 15, 2016.

“The fact that he continued to bite the victim in the presence of police officers, despite the threat of being shot, suggests that the suspect was a manic attack”, wrote the psychologist.

According to Reznik, the guy believed that he is “half man, half dog, and he can run fast on all limbs.”

This behavior is a symptom of clinical lycanthropy is a rare condition in which patients believe that they are werewolves.

Overall, the report concluded that Harroff suffered from “severe mental illness” at the time of the alleged offence, including bipolar disorder and acute manic psychosis.

Reznik acknowledged the fact that Harroff could fake their symptoms to get less severe punishment. However, according to relatives and acquaintances of the guy, he was acting strangely before the attack. He claimed that he has “special abilities” and feels like Jesus. The suspect also “googled” terms like “delusions” and “hallucinations”, find out if he is going crazy.

In the hospital where he was taken after his arrest, Harroff writhed and howled.

The case should be transferred to the court in November. Lawyers for the boy said they will seek recognition of the defendant insane.

The guy thought that he is “half man, half dog” when he killed a married couple and nibbled the face of the murdered updated: March 30, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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