The Ambassador of the Russian Federation Babich asked the official Minsk does not consider it “Vanka-stankoi”

The Russian Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich were told about the successes in the Crimea, but the audience was more interested in the development of the conflict between the diplomats and the Belarusian authorities, and do not wait for Belarus “Crimean option.”

About the Crimean scenario in Belarus, or otherwise forced integration is often discussed in Minsk, and in Moscow — the appointment of Ambassador Mikhail Babich last summer was seen by many experts in this vein. Allegedly, the security forces, paratrooper, people from the KGB, Putin’s representative in the Volga Federal district will behave differently than his predecessor Surikov. The Ambassador has actively traveled to Belarus, but after the aggravation of the “integration problem” in December of 2018 has become and comment on events in the country-ally. The last interview of the Ambassador RIA Novosti (the Russian Ambassador says including loans, to support the Belarusian economy and other issues of economic relations) resulted in a rebuke from the Belarusian foreign Ministry press Secretary Anatoly Glaz said that Babich still don’t understand the difference between an independent state and the Federal district of the Russian Federation, a “rigged set of numbers” makes it look like “accountant or budding accountant”.

Mikhail Babich: “You were foolish to respond to stupidity, rudeness to respond to rudeness. Well, you actually realize that we have what to say, but is that a sign of a great mind would be? (…) I would say about the other two points. Several times and most recently the President of Belarus said the right thing in a world of so many participants, people, groups, countries, wish, wait, make efforts to ensure that the two brotherly people, the two closest ally in any fight: oil, gas, sausage, milk, and maybe some informational provocation, which is implemented with a known frequency. Here I am in this part I want to assure all of you, and those who are trying this kind of effort to do both outside and inside, that can not wait — this, of course, never will be.”

Concluding the press conference, Mikhail Babich said that he will perform in Minsk any role that will appoint him to the homeland until the military.

Mikhail Babich: “Really the question then arises, how did this hysteria, why would it suddenly? One of the highlights is that someone somewhere is not going to name names — at some point, somehow, it seemed that the Ambassador is that, you know, roly-poly: I went to the reception and said some beautiful words, sent somewhere some note, met someone-spent. These people either forgot, or because of his high professionalism never knew that, in accordance with international laws and national laws Ambassador is the highest official representative of their state accredited to the receiving state who is responsible for ensuring the implementation of foreign policy, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity of their country. And if it’s a good Ambassador then he must be not only a diplomat, he should be a politician, and economist, and analyst. History knows many examples, when even the military. If your country is necessary to the Ambassador for some time became an accountant, and when it is also a good accountant or a budding accountant, it will ensure your country, its not cheated, will not selimut”.

With all this, as said Babich, the statement of the representative of the Belarusian foreign Ministry “implies that with the books we all figured out”.

Political analyst Pavel Usov, Director of the Center for political analysis and forecasting (Warsaw), in an interview with RFI notes that all critical moments in Russian-Belarusian relations involving Babic is not accidental: “It is thought provocative work, this was stated immediately after his appointment as Ambassador. All consistently”.

Pavel Usov: “of Course, it is part of the information warfare or information of the pressure that we have seen in recent time. Babich acts as an additional irritant. It is for this he was appointed Ambassador to Belarus — as the person who will act on the nerves to the Belarusian authorities, to provoke them to some rash actions or statements. Naturally, all this is embedded in the systematic approach that has emerged in Russia last year, that is forcing Belarus to make concessions to integration through economic blackmail, political blackmail — what we are witnessing in recent months”.

As for “forced integration”, Mikhail Babich outraged by such Parallels between Belarus and the Crimea.

Mikhail Babich: “I Want to say that this is just a sample of the open or quite openly cynical informational provocations. No correlation between the events in the Crimea of 2014 and our relationship with the Republic of Belarus is not even close”.

Pavel Usov believes that the term “information sabotage”, but rather, relates to the work of the Russian Embassy, he said, “this mission is more like a special group capture.” And, in his opinion, long matching candidates Babich last summer — the evidence of the Minsk understanding of his role. “But Minsk agreed and fell into the trap, it would be logical if soon Babic we’ll hear about the oppression of Russian-speaking and so on,” — said Pavel Usov.

Pavel Usov: “today we have a very serious situation, and the only way out of it is, of course, as soon as possible to restrict all possible contacts of Mr. Babic with representatives of Belarusian political and business elites, to restrict the movement of such independence, it is at least. Well, as a maximum — if the situation will develop the way it develops now, just require to call the Ambassador. Although I’m sure, without any doubt, Moscow will not go for it. The Belarusian side, Lukashenka in particular, has driven itself into a dead end. And not just stalled, they have painted themselves into a serious political trap. And I think Moscow understands this, and will continue Babich to act as a factor of a hybrid impact.”

Press conference of Mikhail Babich was ignored by the Belarusian state media and a number of non-state, with a statement on the day of the meeting with the Ambassador. Minsk does not recognize the annexation of Crimea. Himself Babich explained the choice of theme — “the fifth anniversary of the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation” — the fact that almost all of the diplomatic mission of Russia carry out “advocacy work” on this account, as still the world perceives the events of the “Russian spring” of 2014 distorted and wrong.
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