Kakinada UCE professor gets patent for invention

Kakinada: Assistant professor V. Kalyan Manohar of University College of Engineering Kakinada (UCEK), a constituent college of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK), has received a patent for his invention titled “A method of coating silicon carbide (SiC) on graphene nano-platelets”. His invention came about under supervision of JNTUK director (Research and Development) A. Gopala Krishna.

The advantage of this invention is that nano-sized SiC coatings on graphene can be utilised for reinforcing metal and ceramic matrix composites to enhance mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance and thermal conductivity.

The invention will primarily benefit heat sinks, apart from electronic contact devices in electronic packaging and cutting tool applications. The work leads to improvement in functionally of components, which will subsequently result in overall enhanced performance of products in terms of more heat dissipation and durability.

Kalyan Manohar said his invention enables graphene to be used at elevated temperatures. Its oxidation resistance improves from 413 degrees C (pure GNP without SiC coating) to 610 degrees C with SiC coating. The method is simple and cost-effective. Manohar said the innovation will find application as reinforcement in polymers, metals and ceramic composites. To coat SiC, a simple and low-cost method has been developed using a vacuum sintering furnace.

Design Innovation Centre of JNTUK and Ministry of Human Resources Development have provided funding for the invention, with seed grant being given under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme.

Kalyan Manohar (33) of Ganapavaram in Guntur district did his B. Tech from Bapatla Engineering College and M. Tech in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from NIT, Warangal. He has been working as assistant professor with UCEK since 2013.


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