‘Old world dying in blaze of splendour’ Musk’s tweet shocks fans with apocalyptic vision

sent fans into a frenzy after posting a tweet with the message “old world dying in blaze of splendour.”  This tweet follows the Taliban takeover of Kabul and Afghanistan which has left thousands trying to flee the country.

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Elon Musk is the founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla.

The self-made billionaire is considered one of the world’s most powerful people, ranking 21st on Forbes’ list in December 2016.

However, this tweet is from a book on WWI which

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

A user responded on Twitter: “Elon is trying to tell us something important! What is it?”

Another commented: “Something big and significant is coming and happening …”

Someone else commented: “I know what’s coming , it’s all laid out before us , this book the perfect story for what about to take place. What is taking place.

“Thank you Elon Musk some of us hear you , keep up your good work.”

Elon wrote out the whole opening text of the book on Twitter.

He captioned the post with ‘The Guns of August’, which is a book by Barbara W. Tuchman.

The Tesla CEO added to the mystery by referencing JRR Tolkein by writing: “Nine rings for moral men.”

This excerpt comes from the famous Lord of the Rings trilogies.

Within these books conflicts are heavily involved.

Another commented: “I assume Mr Musk is insinuating that our future is a bleak one; perhaps, WWIII is heading our way.”

Elon Musk is yet to respond to any comments confirming whether he is trying to make a deeper statement or whether he is just referring to the books.

This follows as it was reported recently Elon Musk is “interested” in building a Tesla gigafactory in the UK after facing red tape in Berlin, Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng previously told .

Mr Kwarteng told : “Elon Musk is interested [in the UK] and the reason why is it is a fantastic place to invest in that technology.

“He wants to invest in gigafactories to be a part of that green revolution.
“I would welcome him to return to the UK.”

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