Holistic Wellness : Create your own Zen Corner in your home!

Don’t we all want our own space within our homes, space where we can spend time doing whatever is close to our heart, away from prying eyes and interference? But how can we create a corner that is truly ours? We ask experts for guidelines.

Comfort: That is the most important quality of your corner. The best corner in my house has a cosy green velvet swivel chair which adds to my comfort as I enjoy the best view.
The best view: Try to secure a corner which also gives you a nice view. Views with trees, birds and sky are the nicest. The eyes love to look long and far; it’s restful and a massage for the senses!

Connectivity: Our modern world is anchored by technology! Connecting digitally is important, so it’s best to have good Wi-Fi connectivity and easy access to technology in your favourite corner.

Pleasing décor: Your favourite nook will have a very different character in the evenings, as compared to the mornings. Therefore, take steps to make it enjoyable in the evenings as well! Bookshelves, delightful art and great lighting will make nightfall a pleasurable experience.

Reflecting the energy within: Spaces vibrate with our own energy. How can we spiritually charge an area? By meditating, reading, drawing, praying, chanting, and connecting with ourselves, we can add to the charge of any space.
Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect at Architecture Discipline, Delhi, says, “A corner for yourself should be an ocean of calm and solitude, a space that allows you to recalibrate and connect to yourself.”

Tips: Colour code it: Colour schemes can greatly influence your mood. Earth colours like beige and taupe can be very soothing, whereas bright shades of electric blue or bubble gum pink will energise your mind. In a space built for relaxation, softer yellow toned lights will match your body’s natural circadian rhythm and evoke sleep, while neon shades of LED colours will draw your attention and encourage activity.

Bring in the natural connection with a biophilic touch: The presence of nature is comforting. Subtle touches like placing small plants or succulents, adding natural stone tiling, water features, or even letting in plenty of natural light can make you feel closer to nature.

Build on the strengths of the space: Each part of your home has its own special strengths, and building on them can truly transform your spaces. In rooms with windows, arrange the seating to enjoy the view and let in natural light. Balconies and porches acquire a whole new dimension with outdoor seating and mounted swings.

Make it ultra comfortable: When you’re relaxing, time passes swiftly. Thus, making your space comfortable enough for long periods of rest will definitely improve the quality of time spent there. Picking comfortable furniture is the first step, and you can move onto touches like carpeting and the right lighting for different times of the day.

Let it be a reflection of ‘you’: Finally, be adventurous and experiment with your space. Trends can be used as guidelines, but don’t let them hinder you from changing things to suit you. The primary goal of the personal corner is for it to suit you.
-Sarabjit Singh, Founder & Architectural Designer, Villa Ortiga

Natural light is crucial: A well-designed space is big on natural light and fresh air. This corner should be well-lit, ideally with daylight, and should leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
Deck it up with your favourite stuff: Surround yourself with only those things that you love, things that brings you comfort instantly.

Avoid cluttering: Reduce, minimize, and rid yourself of visual clutter — in other words, keep it simple. I like surrounding myself with one flat colour like white without any distracting additions to the walls.

Equip it for me time: This corner should be a space where you can disconnect from the rest of the world to do something that feeds your soul. In my case, it is music — my favourite den is filled with my guitar collection and a small desk for my laptop.

Reflect your sensibilities and principles: Your corner must reflect changes, while still being resonant with your original principles.
Focus on good design: Aesthetic designing can make you feel better. Regardless of what you want to do, a well-designed space can help you do it better.

Rachna Agarwal, Founder & Design Ideator, Studio IAAD, says “No matter how luxurious or opulent a home, we all have that one favourite spot that we go to when we need to unwind. From lazing on the balcony on a rainy day to curling up with a good book on the couch, these corners are treasured personal spaces.”

A green refuge
I  feel there is nothing like creating a Zen corner full of greens to soothe your nerves. Hence, I have created ‘my’ space, embraced by a wall of cascading greens, in my garden. A 12-foot  canopy covers it and gives the cosy feel of an outdoor room. Copper lights help accentuate the magic, a cane sofa provides comfortable seating and a collection of glass chimneys and candles for the evenings completes the look.
-Nelofar Currimbhoy, Author & President, Shahnaz Husain Groups of Companies

Eco-friendly You
I  prioritise using environmentally sustainable resources. You can easily upcycle your old furniture, DIY or work with a local artist to create a lovely, environmentally-friendly corner. Begin with basic furniture such as comfy sofas, armchairs, and swings. Add cushions, throws and soft rugs. Indoor water features or plants such as Jasmine, Lavender, and Aloe Vera are perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere as well. Add things to your corner depending on your interests and passions. If you like writing, add a desk and a chair; if you enjoy experimenting with different ways of having coffee, get yourself a good coffee machine.
— Chandrika Sahay, Director & Principal Architect- Meraki Dezine. The author is a lifestyle, travel and food writer. She can be reached at [email protected]


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