Bandi sustains injury to his right toe on way to Golconda

Hyderabad: With a large crowd milling around him and clicking selfies, Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay stumbled and sustained an injury to his right toe on the second day of his padayatra, while reaching Golconda.

Sanjay continued with the padayatra despite the injury. After he reached the yatra camp, one Dr Sampath inspected the injury and dressed it.

Dr Sampath said cellulitis had formed on the injury, and that he also found swelling.

Dr Sampath said that physiotherapy had been done twice but Sanjay was in pain. Dr Sampath wanted an X-ray done on Tuesday.

Despite the pain, sources said, Sanjay wlaked almost 13 km to the night camp.

Sanjay told Deccan Chronicle that he was moved by the response of people to the yatra. “It’s paining but I will continue the yatra,” he added.

Sanjay expressed happiness about the people receiving him at various places along with route and vowing support to the BJP to come power in 2023.



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