Reddit has stopped working

Social media platform Reddit has stopped working again, the company has confirmed.

The news and content aggregation site’s status website posted that “feeds are not loading for some users” at 9.56am PDT.

“We are investigating another occurrence of the same issue from this morning,” the message at stated.

It was the second time on Tuesday that the website has faced issues, after users complained they could not access it several hours earlier.


More than 15,000 users reported issues with Reddit to, which tracks tech company outages.

Reddit, which was formed in 2005, is valued at $10bn and has 52m active daily users worldwide.

There are more than 130,000 communities on the website and around 2.8m subreddits.

The Independent has reached out to Reddit for comment.

The outage was eventually fixed after three hours, according to the company’s status website.


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