Teenager ‘chokes to death on her vomit’ while riding ‘Kamikaze’ fairground ride

Zeynep Günay, 19, visited Hayrola Luna Park in Istanbul, , with her family on Monday, but tragedy struck after she boarded a ride called “Kamikaze”. The incident happened between 2pm and 3pm local time, after she attended the amusement park with her relatives.

The family of the teen claim that ride operators ignored their pleas for the ride to be stopped after noticing their relative was in distress, and that her condition began to worsen as the ride continued.

Her family claims that the teenager’s respiratory tract was blocked, after she threw up while on the Kamikaze ride, which resulted in her death.

While on the ride, the teenager reportedly grew unconscious and vomited before she was removed from her seat.

Her family allege that, when the ride was eventually stopped and Zeynep was removed unconscious, operators advised that she be “slapped two or three times” to help her wake up.

The comments came after operators didn’t stop the ride despite protests from the family, according to their claims.

The teen’s uncle, Fatih Günay, claimed that the family were forced to call an ambulance themselves as they felt that employees at the amusement park didn’t take the situation seriously enough.

He claims staff members acted “indifferently” to the situation.

CCTV footage shows the final image of the teenager who was wearing a white mask, grey hijab and a light jacket with a pattern on it as she sat on the ride waiting for it to begin.

The teen was taken to a nearby private hospital, where she was later declared dead.

The young woman’s uncle believes her death was a result of negligence on behalf of the park and its employees, stating that the family would do “whatever it takes” to get justice for her.

Security footage of the ride shows that the intervention of the ambulance officers took place after the young girl fell ill, but according to her family’s claims, the young woman could not be saved due to the lateness of the ambulance call.

Zeynep, who was an aspiring psychologist, was awaiting her exam results, prior to the incident.

According to Haberler, a Turkish news source, after her death it was revealed that she had secured the necessary results to get into her desired university course.

Ms Günay has since been buried in Beylikduzu, an Istanbul suburb.

Following the burial of his daughter, who was one of five children, her grieving father M. Emin Günay, spoke of the incident.

He said: “We were hurt, don’t let others get hurt. My daughter was very successful, she studied day and night. Her goal was to become a good psychologist.”

At this time, it is unknown if a formal complaint has yet been launched with Turkish authorities, or whether Ms Gunay’s family’s claims are being investigated by police.

A statement from the park, written in Turkish, appeared in local media but no further comment has been issued.

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