Magma has reached the limits of underground lakes in the Caldera of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO occurred swarm of earthquakes

Representatives of the scientific world managed to capture some activity within one of the most dangerous places on Earth – the Caldera of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO.

According to preliminary information, seismologists witnessed a swarm of aftershocks, the magnitude of which reached two points. The epicenter of the quake was the aftershocks at a depth of 2-7 km. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First through the geothermal chamber has raised the temperature of lake Yellowstone.

Prerequisites for seismic activity has been occurring in the underground reservoir processes. The resulting seismogram suggests that at the moment cannot be and speeches about well drilling. That’s why it was made a conclusion that there is a movement of magmatic fluxes by blocked gutters.

The amplitude of the signal is low, so you can think about the small quantity of magma in the lake or activation of the hot source on the bottom. It should be noted that nothing like this in previous years was not noticed.

Scientists focused on the fact that the earthquakes in the Caldera of the volcano is a frequency. This process can continue as long as the flow of magma does not break his way out.

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