Interview | People have decided to vote TRS out: Tejasvi Surya

Hyderabad: On an official visit to the city as part of the Parliamentary Committee on information technology and communications, Tejasvi Surya, Lok Sabha MP representing Bengaluru South, a rising star of the BJP and national president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), took time out to participate in the ongoing Praja Sangrama Yatra in Sangareddy.

After interacting with the members of the BJYM in the city, he participated in a cycle yatra organised by the CRPF as part of the ongoing Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (celebrating 75 years of Independence).

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, he compared Telangana’s current political situation to that of Karnataka in 2007-08, when the BJP was growing in popularity and subsequently formed its first government. Excerpts.

How do you access the political mood in Telangana state?

It seems obvious that the people of Telangana have made up their mind to vote out the KCR-led TRS government in the next elections. The anti-incumbency is very palpable. The failures of this government over seven years have reached a tipping point in the collective consciousness of the citizens. The government will start unravelling further. People are fed up with the lies, betrayals and falsehoods of this government.

Taking your word at face value, even if the TRS is losing popularity, who would gain amongst the two contenders in the opposition space – the Congress or your party?

The discontentment amongst the people against the KCR government is broadly because of massive corruption, nepotism, domination by one family, indifferent governance, a CM operating in absentia and in seclusion, indulging in minority appeasement, opposing nationalist politics and having lost common connect only has a myriad of failed promises to show as its track record.

But the entire country knows these are the same traits of the Congress. Why would the wise and politically-aware people of Telangana throw out one corrupt, lying, failed, incompetent, indifferent, nepotistic party with another? They want a true alternative and that is the BJP.

How do you think the country is perceiving the BJP-led government at the Centre after seven years?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the country’s fight against the biggest pandemic of over a century that has engulfed the world. Look at how we are managing the vaccination program,e, achieving over a crore jabs a day several times. We are taking care of the welfare of the poor while undertaking bold reforms. The economy is bouncing back, with over 20 per cent growth last quarter.

But jobs are a concern, a big concern? Especially given how young the country is?

Every government today is aware that its economic policies must not only add up to environmentally-friendly and sustainable growth but also create lots of jobs. From various packages aimed especially at the SMEs, massive investments into infrastructure to encouraging self-employment and start-ups through Mudra loans and other policies, the Modi government is working all the time to create an environment in which growth accelerates and youth find abundant opportunities.



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