Kadapa seeing rise in cases of hypertension and diabetes, survey finds

Kadapa: Some 4.97 per cent of the population in this district suffers from high blood pressure. A medical department survey noted that this was due to strains in life, changing food habits, lack of proper sleep at night, less physical activity and rise in obesity.

While the number of people suffering from high blood pressure is increasing, diabetes is posing a threat as the second highest social disorder. Those suffering from heart disease are on the rise in the district. Doctors suggest that the way to face this scenario is to make changes in one’s food habits and lifestyles.

Health department officials said the survey mainly on non-communicable diseases and conducted under the auspices of health and Asha activists is currently ongoing. With a population of nearly 30 lakhs in the district, health-related information was collected from 12,94,571 people so far this year.

Of these, 64,398 were diagnosed with high blood pressure and about half of them were examined by doctors. A healthy man should have a blood pressure of 120-80. Of those examined, 328 were diagnosed with high blood pressure and recommended treatment. Similarly, 25,369 people were found to be at risk of hypertension. Of these, 6,139 are taking treatment. Some 265 people were found to have high blood pressure beyond the prescribed standards. The number of those suffering from heart- related diseases due to high blood pressure is increasing.

Health experts say high blood pressure is caused by reasons like overweight, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, stress, lack of proper exercise and high salt intake. Anxiety and stress exacerbate the conditions. People with high blood pressure must take prescription drugs regularly, reduce food intake and avoid stored food and pickles.

"Take more leafy items, vegetables and fresh fruits. BP can be regulated by reducing excess weight, doctors stressed.

Meanwhile, health officials have identified 39,073 people in the district suffering from diabetes. Of these, 16,670 were examined and treated by local health specialists.

Some 25,601 people were tested and diagnosed with diabetes. Of these, 3,313 were given medicines. Some 128 people with high levels of diabetes were referred for better treatment.

In addition, cancer cases are also high in the district. The survey identified several cases of oral, breast and cervical cancer. Of these, 520 were diagnosed with a common problem, and 201 were given treatment. Another 3,395 were identified as being at risk. Some 47 of them were referred for better medication. Doctors say spread of public awareness on these diseases is important.

Kadapa district health officer Konuru Nagraju told Deccan Chronicle that there was the need for a change in  lifestyles. Diseases like hypertension and diabetes can be avoided, to a large extent, by following health tips and a healthy food habit.

He said that in Rayalaseema, especially in Kadapa district, people consume more salt and spices and hence there are more cases of hypertension.


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