Putin cashes in on Germany chaos as Kremlin throws down chilling threat to Berlin

Russia has warned it will ban YouTube and block German news media websites after the video-hosting platform removed two online channels run by Russia Today (RT), the Kremlin-funded television outlet. YouTube claimed they had deleted RT’s German-language channels, RT DE and Der Fehlende Part, for repeated breaches of its policies on sp SNP on alert as Russia could ‘meddle’ in Scottish independence vote

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  • YouTube complied with a Russian government order to delete videos posted by Mr Navalny surrounding tactical voting designed to undermine the Russian government’s current position.

    Apple and Google also complied with Russian demands over a ‘smart voting’ app from their online stores. Navalny, who is now behind bars, accused the leading tech companies of caving into pressure by Moscow.

    Moscow denies that this was due to political censorship.

    Western authorities have taken similar steps against other foreign media outlets in the past.

    Recently, the FBI seized dozens of .com websites from Iran, including Press TV, a 24-hour English news channel broadcast from Tehran.

    Iran’s Fars News Agency called the move by the USA a “flagrant violation of the freedom of the press”.

    Although the FBI did not comment further on the move since blocking the domain, the website still remains closed.

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