Deepak Chahar’s wedding proposal to his girlfriend goes viral

On Thursday, Chennai Super Kings could not win the IPL match against Punjab Kings at the Dubai Sports City ground. However, one CSK member did win the applause from the fans and spectators present.

India’s 29-year-old Deepak Chahar proposed to his girlfriend Jaya Bhardwaj immediately after the match. Speaking with this correspondent over telephone from Agra, Deepak’s father Lokendra Chahar tells us Deepak and Jaya have known each other for the last two months.

“Deepak’s sister, Meenu Singh (Malati), and Jaya are friends. Meenu introduced Deepak to Jaya just two months ago, though we’ve approved their plans to get married,” the father adds. We also spoke with the sister who’s a model based in Mumbai. “Jaya is a very pretty, warm, loving and intelligent girl. She is a self-made girl and a family person. She loves Deepak a lot and he loves her,” she said.

As for the surprise proposal, she tells us, “I knew about the plan. My brother and I are partners in this ‘crime’,” says Meenu with a chuckle as she elaborates on the proposal plan. “However, except Dad, Deepak, me and some others who helped execute the entire thing, nobody knew about the plan. Jaya was totally clueless.”

Then speaking about how great it felt to see her brother being so romantic, Meenu lets us know that Jaya is feeling on top of the world now. “It was a cute, happy moment for all of us. And it was like a dream proposal for many girls. I am happy for both of them,” she adds. We’ve learnt that along with Deepak Chahar and all other team members, Jaya, who’s been in the UAE since its inception this year, is also in a bio-bubble.


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