France orders UK to pay eye-watering £6.7m bill for migrant checks in outrageous demand

Jean-Marc Puissesseau, who runs Calais Port, said now the UK had left the , ministers in London should fork out for the checks on vehicles heading for Britain. The port chief says that his staff examine 900,000 trucks a year destined for the UK. Mr Puissesseau told BFMTV: “I agree there should still be checks in Calais.

“But I don’t think we should pay for them. The UK has left the EU.

“I think they should pay for our checks. I can keep doing it with my own staff 200 people.

“It costs us €8 million [euros or £6.7 million pounds] per year.

“I don’t want to pay for these checks instead of Britain if Britain doesn’t pay us back.”

It comes as Paris accused the UK Government of not paying an agreed £50 million to prevent migrants from crossing the Channel as part of the Le Touquet Treaty.

The 2003 treaty means the UK’s border is effectively enforced on French soil and prevents many migrants from reaching Britain and claiming asylum.

The treaty can be revoked by either side, but a two year period must surpass before it can be cancelled.

One French MP wants the treaty to be modified arguing the UK should contribute a bigger share of the costs of preventing migrants and refugees from crossing the English Channel.

Jean-Pierre Pont, an MP for the Pas-de-Calais county, said earlier this month: “As for Le Touquet, I think it could go as far as threatening to revoke it.”

Referring to the possibility of cancelling the Le Touquet treaty, Mr Puissesseau added: “I hope the French government, which is going to be at the helm of Europe, with the presidency of the EU Council, in the coming weeks, will take this into consideration.”

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