Consumers now actively choosing to buy local food and drink brands

More shoppers are now choosing to buy locally produced food and drink brands, new research shows.

The research, which was carried out by The Foundation and FN Research, was commissioned to examine the importance of local food and drink across the island of Ireland.

According to the findings, 93 per cent of consumers now actively choose to buy local food and drink brands with 55 per cent now buying more local products compared to before the pandemic.

Supporting the economy was cited as the core reason why people choose to shop local. Other factors in the decision-making of shoppers included better quality and traceability.

Some 86 per cent of consumers surveyed said they would like a quick way to identify local food and drink producers.

The research found that 55 per cent of respondents visited food and drink websites from time to time while 48 per cent said they look up food and drink brands online.

Speaking about the findings, Fiona Norman, Founder of FN Research said: “Young shoppers are more curious by nature and are looking for rich information on a brand’s origin, its carbon footprint and how it contributes to communities.

“It’s important for brands to consider this messaging as young shoppers in particular move on very quickly and choose elsewhere if this information isn’t easily located.”


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