A new series on RTVS Confession has DISCUSSED Bishop Jozef Haľek


The new Confession is a free sequel to the profitable series Nest. Immediately with the introductory a part of the Confession, they transcribed viewership information and likewise preceded the beginning of their predecessor, Hniezdo. Almost half 1,000,000 individuals watched the introductory half.

The foremost heroine is a Syrian girl, Lejla, a younger girl who’s ready for asylum. Her previous is marked by tragedy and he or she involves Slovakia along with her little son Sámi. According to Bishop Jozef Haľek, along with the Syrian girl, love between two girls can be inappropriate. In the “downside” half, one of many feminine characters comes dwelling and after a short time she begins to hug and kiss the lady. The bishop was outraged by this scene on the RTVS screens.


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PHOTO Dozens of REFUGEES and LESBIAN scenes: RTVS precipitated a shock to the viewers with a new series!

“It merely got here to our discover then. A good younger girl who works to unravel the scenario of the refugee and her baby will come dwelling and begin presenting herself in a lesbian relationship. “ he mentioned in a video he posted on a social community. He annoys him “The creators instilled within the viewer sympathy for the protagonist after which pushed him right into a gay ideology”. According to him, the refugee theme is being misused for gay propaganda.


He additionally does not like the truth that the series was launched with a low age restrict. “A 15-year-old baby may be very delicate in his improvement, and when any such habits is offered to him straight on this method, it may be actually very dangerous and even devastating.”said.

At the tip of the video, Haľko introduced that he wouldn’t watch the series once more. When the bishop started writing about his video yesterday deleted it from his web site. Neither RTVS nor the Broadcasting and Retransmission Council have obtained any complaints but in regards to the controversial series.

He additionally commented on Miloslav’s

On Haľka’s Facebook profile the video also lights up titled “One minute, please!”. In it, he discusses the scandal from Miloslavov, the place a gang of violent youngsters bodily attacked solely an 11-year-old schoolgirl. The bishop questions whether or not the youngsters who attacked had been baptized, and on the identical time considers how it’s doable that baptized kids can commit such violence.


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I do not just like the lesbians within the RTVS series both, however I do not agree with Miloslavov.


No, I definitely don’t agree with the bishop’s statements.


In each instances, the bishop is true.


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RTVS comes up with a sequel to the Hniezdo-Confession series.

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