Boro wanted revenge but it was the 600 lucky Chelsea fans toasting Wembley – even if they may not be there themselves

IT WAS a day Middlesbrough wanted revenge, but as a substitute it was 600 lucky Chelsea fans left toasting Wembley – even if they may not be there themselves!

The build-up to this one had been risky.

600 lucky Chelsea supporters celebrated an FA Cup quarter-final victory on TeessideCredit: Rex
Boro's FA Cup dreams were ended by a side who always seem to leave their fans feeling blue
Boro’s FA Cup desires had been ended by a facet who at all times appear to go away their fans feeling blueCredit: PA

The Blues, restricted to only the small quantity that had already bought tickets earlier than the sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich, failed in an try and get it behind-closed-doors.

That meant that the small military of backers from West London may be the closing few to observe their facet away from residence this time period.

And similar to their heroes on the pitch, they overcame an early sea of pink and white noise to make sure they went out with a bang.

But it’s not simply the occasions of the previous couple of days that makes the Blues so disliked round Teesside.

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 Chilwell blasted over tiger video, Ricketts AGREES £1bn future investment


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Chilwell blasted over tiger video, Ricketts AGREES £1bn future funding

All you need to know as Hall prepares to face Thor in 'heaviest fight ever'

All you’ll want to know as Hall prepares to face Thor in ‘heaviest fight ever’

The dangerous blood started in 1988 when Boro relegated Chelsea in the play-offs on a day dubbed ‘The Battle of Stamford Bridge’.

Hordes of thugs broke by means of fencing at the notorious Shed End at full time, charging previous police to launch missiles at Boro supporters in disgusting scenes.

Then the agony started for Boro with a hat-trick of Wembley cup closing defeats to Chelsea throughout the 90s.

And it simply needed to be the boys in blue who delivered the closing nail in the coffin throughout Boro’s limp 2017 relegation marketing campaign.

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It’s a brand new era of fans cheering on Chris Wilder’s Boro now, but these agonies of yesteryear nonetheless stay deep in the hearts of these longer in the tooth.

And that’s the reason Chelsea’s request midweek hit such a uncooked nerve – particularly with chairman Steve Gibson.

The Middlesbrough-born millionaire, concerned for all of the above agonies, blasted the try as “pathetic” and claimed “sporting integrity and Chelsea do not belong in the same sentence”.

And that was all earlier than he blasted Blues chairman Bruce Buck as an “excuse of a man”.

Things had been simply as scorching exterior of the boardroom.

Thomas Tuchel took his boys for a lunchtime stroll on the town beforehand in entrance of surprised onlookers as the tiny Chelsea trustworthy loved some liquid refreshment in Doc Brown’s.

But little did they know what a hotbed of noise awaited them a mile down the highway.

It was 3:45pm when the away crew coach was met by loud boos and abuse exterior the floor.

And the residence supporters had been solely too glad to dish out a second serving to when the Champions League holders emerged for his or her warm-up.

“I absolutely hate them,” Boro fan Andrew Harris instructed us. “They left me gutted twice at Wembley as a kid. Now they’ve tried to ruin today for my little lad. We owe them big time.” 

The Red Faction unfurled an enormous “We Are The Boro Boys” banner as a rendition of “One Stevie Gibson” met the opening whistle.

Chelsea sealed their place in the FA Cup semi-finals next month
Chelsea sealed their place in the FA Cup semi-finals subsequent monthCredit: PA

Whether it was the noise drowning them out or whether or not they had come to their senses after current weeks, there was no repeat of the “Roman Abramovich” songs from the away finish.

But they did make themselves heard after quarter of an hour as the raucous Riverside fell silent due to Romelu Lukaku’s opener.

And quickly they had been all you would hear after Hakim Ziyech doubled the benefit earlier than the break.

“Is there a fire drill” chanted the hardy away crew in the south east nook earlier than a refrain of “You’re only here for the Chelsea” crammed the air.

“We all follow the Chelsea, over land and sea” was the music alternative for the begin of the second interval – nonetheless true that may be.

Another rendition for Gibson adopted earlier than Boro fans sang “Where’s your chairman gone” earlier than a X-rated “F*** off Abramovich” echoed round the stands.

Then it got here. Undeterred by the backlash in direction of him, Chelsea retialited by singing the identify of the Russian.

“When Chelsea f***ing die, we’re all having a party” sang the residence fans in a single final blast at the demise – but as soon as once more they had been left feeling blue courtesy of their bogey membership.

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