China’s still US enemy No. 1 and other commentary

Conservative: China’s Still US Enemy No. 1

While Vladimir Putin’s “barbarous invasion of Ukraine is a watershed moment in the return of history,” Americans can’t “devote the entirety of our attention to a single geopolitical challenge,” (*1*). We “must grapple with an even more powerful adversary: the People’s Republic of China.” For a long time, the Chinese Communist Party has “undermined” the United States. And whereas the CCP has spent a long time constructing “up its hard power” to “displace America as the world’s greatest power,” Americans have been “distracted by domestic politics.” To “prevail” in opposition to the CCP, we “need to revitalize our industrial capacity,” since “a nation dependent on hostile regimes for basic goods is not going to last long.” And we want “strong allies and partners” to forestall “Beijing’s dominion over its neighbors.”

Neocon: Putin May Win His Real Goals

“The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin catastrophically miscalculated,” notes The New York Times’ Bret Stephens. But: “Suppose for a moment that Putin never intended to conquer all of Ukraine” and that every one he wished have been “the energy riches of Ukraine’s east” — Europe’s “second-largest known reserves of natural gas.” If so, “Putin doesn’t seem like the miscalculating loser his critics make him out to be.” Moreover, at house “the war has already served Putin’s political purposes.” And if “Russia’s military has embarrassed itself,” that’s “more likely to lead to a well-aimed purge from above than a broad revolution from below.” Bottom line: “It’s always wiser to treat your adversary as a canny fox, not a crazy fool.”

Libertarian: Your Big Bill for Buffalo Stadium

Gov. Hochul is giving the Buffalo Bills “the largest taxpayer-funded stadium subsidy in NFL history,” thunders Reason’s Eric Boehm. “State and local taxpayers will contribute about $850 million toward the estimated $1.4 billion stadium project.” But the general public should additionally pay one other $6 million a 12 months “for the next 30 years to fund upgrades to the stadium and another $6.6 million for the next 15 years” for repairs. “That’s an extra $160 million in taxpayer funds” atop the $850 million price ticket. Yet “New York’s combined state and local tax burden is the highest in the country,” so “America’s most put-upon taxpayers are now being asked to foot the bill for the Bills’ billionaire owners’ new stadium.”

Education beat: Real Reason for Florida Fight

If you “actually read the damn bill for yourself, you see how innocuous” Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation is, notes Chadwick Moore at Spectator World. It’s “a reminder, more than anything else, for educators to stick to age-appropriate topics” in classroom discussions and doesn’t preclude “one-on-one conversations between a student and teacher.” Why “the extraordinary outrage”? Simple: Progressives are “upset about losing their stranglehold over education.” Parents watching their youngsters be taught remotely acquired “disgusted and outraged” with academics pumping college students filled with crucial race concept and “bizarre gender ideology.” Florida has “put the left in time-out, and Democrats are having an absolute conniption,” mainly saying, “You’re not allowed to tell us what to do, especially in education.”

Green watch: SEC ‘Constitutional Overreach’

Don’t “be fooled” by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s claims that its proposal for “mandatory climate disclosure is solely about protecting investors,” advises RealClearFoundation’s Rupert Darwall. The actual level: to direct capital to favored companies and advance favored political and social objectives. The fee can’t “openly admit” that, since that objective violates its “mandate to maintain fair, efficient markets” and “facilitate capital formation.” Indeed, the brand new guidelines would “push oil and gas investment from public to private markets and from Wall Street-listed companies to overseas ones,” particularly these “immune” to local weather activism. Now the talk will happen within the courts, the place the SEC should “defend” its “constitutional overreach,” as a substitute of in Congress, the extra applicable venue to weigh climate-policy trade-offs.

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

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