Commentary: Does ‘living with COVID-19’ in Singapore mean we will always need booster photographs?

SINGAPORE: By now, many people would have obtained three photographs of a COVID-19 vaccine. Some might even have taken a fourth shot.

With the most recent easing of COVID-19 measures from Tuesday (Apr 26), Singapore will be again “almost all the way to how things were” earlier than the pandemic. But COVID-19 is right here to remain and we can anticipate new variants of concern (VOCs) to emerge periodically.

What occurs if a future variant seems, with the potential to disrupt our lives once more? After all, Singapore had achieved excessive vaccination protection when Omicron hit in November 2021, however the leisure of measures was placed on maintain to purchase time to be taught concerning the new variant.

Will all of us need a second booster shot and even annual boosters? Will we need Omicron-specific or different variant-specific vaccines? Will we need new COVID-19 vaccines to deal with future variants?

Answers to those questions very a lot rely on what we are keen to reside with.

For the virus, it is a matter of survival. It should keep forward of the immune response or it will die out. Now that almost all of the world’s inhabitants has immunity, both by means of vaccination or an infection, this virus will seemingly purchase mutations that may allow it to evade some (however not all) of our antibody responses.


However, this doesn’t mean that the present vaccines can not shield us. Our immune system is much more subtle than we think about. 

By now, many are seemingly conscious that vaccination produces neutralising antibodies that stop an infection by blocking SARS-CoV-2 virus from coming into our cells. However, if antibody ranges are too low or if the virus has acquired ample mutations to evade them, breakthrough infections can happen. 

When there’s an an infection, the job of limiting viral unfold in the physique and stopping extreme illness falls on killer T cells so known as as a result of they detect and kill contaminated cells alongside with the viruses inside.

Killer T cells and antibodies “see” a virus otherwise. If we consider the virus as having a key to unlock the door to our cells, neutralising antibodies bind to the important thing’s tooth and block it from unlocking and coming into, whereas killer T cells can sense any a part of the important thing after the virus is in our cells.

Omicron is best at evading our antibodies resulting from mutations in the important thing’s tooth, however most of us can battle it off as our T cells nonetheless recognise the remainder of the important thing. To absolutely escape T cells, a virus must bear a massively inconceivable variety of mutations. 

So the excellent news is that we, due to this fact, don’t need vaccines for each VOC. 

Not all vaccines, nonetheless, produce virus-specific killer T cells successfully. For instance, the seasonal influenza vaccine doesn’t achieve this successfully and reliance on antibodies alone for cover is partly why we need annual influenza vaccination.  Fortunately, mRNA vaccines have been capable of elicit killer T cell responses properly.


But will we need to get repeatedly jabbed to maintain up antibody ranges for cover

Antibody ranges in opposition to all viruses, whether or not from vaccination or an infection, decline with time. Regardless, each B cells (antibody-producing cells) and T cells have reminiscence. These reminiscence cells will be quickly activated and expanded to swiftly deal with an infection even after antibodies wane.

Whether we need repeated booster vaccinations will depend on whether or not we need to forestall all symptomatic infections or simply extreme COVID-19.

If we goal to cease all circumstances from occurring, then we need baseline ranges of antibodies to be sustained over lengthy durations. That can solely be carried out by means of repeated booster vaccinations.

But if most of us can tolerate flu-like signs, resembling fever, cough and physique ache, and reside with them for just a few days with out hospital care, repeated boosters gained’t be wanted.

Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that vaccination will stop extreme COVID-19 in immunocompetent people. Booster photographs can then be reserved for these whose immune features are much less sturdy or compromised by persistent diseases.

I feel the selection has been made for us by the virus. Variants will proceed to emerge as that may be a matter of survival for the virus. We will not have the ability to block SARS-CoV-2 out from the human inhabitants fully.


The actuality of rising variants is, nonetheless, not bleak. Our current scenario could be very totally different from that in 2020 and early 2021 when we couldn’t stop extreme COVID-19. We can now. 

I might go a step additional and argue that the dangers of antagonistic occasions from common repeated boosting would outweigh the advantages. 

Like all medicines, vaccines have unwanted side effects. These dangers should be counterbalanced by the advantages of stopping what occurs if we are unvaccinated. 

If the variety of COVID-19 circumstances – that overwhelm our healthcare assets and trigger preventable deaths – is massive, then the chance of boosters is low in comparison with the advantage of safeguarding our healthcare system. This was certainly the case in 2021 when we obtained the primary two photographs.

If we at the moment are principally protected, the chance of extreme antagonistic occasions from boosting everybody repeatedly will be amplified exponentially even when they continue to be extraordinarily unusual, at about 0.007 per cent of all administered doses in Singapore, in response to the Health Sciences Authority in March.

As we be taught to “live with COVID-19”, common booster photographs will seemingly be helpful for a subset of our inhabitants, such because the aged and those that are immunocompromised. 

This appears just like the method that Singapore is taking – a second booster shot is beneficial for these aged 80 and above, residents of aged care amenities and the medically susceptible. It isn’t beneficial for some other teams, although these aged 60 to 79 can request to take it.


What turns into extra essential then is to maintain up lively surveillance for extreme COVID-19 circumstances.

Although annual boosters are pointless for now, the risk-benefit evaluation might change. We nonetheless have no idea what number of years immune reminiscence from mRNA vaccination in the immunocompetent will final, nor if future variants might trigger extra extreme illness.

We ought to proceed investing in the subsequent era of COVID-19 vaccines, that would produce extra sturdy immunity or present broader safety in opposition to all attainable variants, in order that when we all do finally need a booster shot, it may final us a lifetime.

Ooi Eng Eong is a Professor with the Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases at Duke-NUS Medical School and Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore. He can also be Co-Director of the Viral Research and Experimental Medicine Centre @SingHealth Duke-NUS (ViREMiCS).

Commentary: Does ‘living with COVID-19’ in Singapore mean we will always need booster shots?

Ooi Eng Eong

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