CURRENT HORIACE AUTO is standing on the road in Bratislava!


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Huge flames whipped from a automobile that erupted on Brnianska Street in Bratislava. Firefighters needed to intervene on the spot.

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After two severe mass accidents, one in every of which occurred yesterday and the different this morning, the capital is reporting one other site visitors catastrophe.

In Bratislava on Brnianská pri Patrónka in the direction of Lamač burning automobile. The TASR data was confirmed by the Fire and Rescue Corps Operations Center (HaZZ).

Burning car near Patrónka.

Burning automobile close to Patrónka.

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According to RTVS Green Wave, there is a piece for flames impassable.

Michal Wiezik does not agree with the demolition of Istropolis.

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For many, the demolition of the iconic Istropolis is a TUNA in the eye: a tough MEP legacy!

It must be intervening on the spot ten firefighters with two items of firefighting tools. HaZZ stated it had no details about any casualties or accidents.

#ACCIDENT In Bratislava, in entrance of Patrónka, a automobile is burning in entrance of the crossroads in the course from the middle, it is standing in the left lane, however the part is impassable resulting from the flames (Photo: FB Jozef Dodko Juhász)

– Green Wave (@zelenavlna) January 14, 2022
A mass accident happened behind the SNP Bridge in Bratislava yesterday, 4 individuals have been injured. Watch the VIDEO:

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