Fico is taking NEXT steps against the cooperation agreement with the USA


Government of the Slovak Republic on Wednesday agreed to conclude a protection cooperation agreement with the United States (DCA). After signing the doc, it should nonetheless be permitted by the National Council of the Slovak Republic. Ratification by the President is additionally wanted. Prior to the authorities assembly, the agreement was additionally permitted by the Slovak Security Council.

The opposition criticizes the agreement and claims that it permits the emergence of American bases in Slovakia and undermines the sovereignty of the state. The coalition, on the different hand, sees nothing improper with the agreement and refutes all conspiracies. The opposition parliamentary get together Smer proposes that the National Council of the Slovak Republic, by decision, declare a referendum in connection with the agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Slovak Republic and the US Government.

Attorney General Maroš Žilinka expressed his position on defense cooperation between Slovakia and the USA on the social network.

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Žilina is SURPRISING once more! The prosecutor’s workplace has rejected the agreement with the United States: THESE ARE THE GROUNDS

The treaty would enable the US navy to make use of the navy airports Malacky-Kuchyna and Sliač, or different agreed services and premises. The US navy might use the agreed services for coaching, workout routines, maneuvers, transit, personnel lodging and deployment, for instance.

The conclusion of the agreement will even enable them to move, deploy and retailer protection tools, provides and materials in the agreed services and premises. Slovakia is to obtain data on deliveries and suppliers upfront.

In the picture, the chairman of the opposition Smer-SD, Robert Fico, leaves the police station after a demonstration at the request of a law enforcement agency (OČTK) in Bratislava on December 16, 2021. PHOTO TASR - Jaroslav Novák

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VIDEO Fico desires to increase REFERENDUM with a brand new query! You will not consider what she desires to realize with her this time

The talked about agreement between the Slovak Republic and the USA lifted Maroš Žilinka from her chair as the first Attorney General. In the interdepartmental remark process, the General Prosecutor’s Office (GP) of the Slovak Republic submitted 35 elementary feedback on the draft agreement, for which it rejects the draft as a complete.

According to Robert Fico, chairman of the opposition Smer-SD, Prime Minister Eduard Heger “Deceives the entire of Slovakia”. At the identical time, he claims that this cooperation agreement is unfavorable and undermines the sovereignty and sovereignty of the Slovak Republic. He is satisfied that the Prime Minister desires at hand over two strategic airports, Sliač and Kuchyň, to the US Armed Forces for ten years freed from cost, with the proven fact that the US troops will do what they need there.

Robert Fico, Eduard Heger

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Fico pointed to MORE factors of competition and criticizes the contract once more: Heger picked up ANOTHER load!

In connection with the criticism of Fica, the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic spoke of determined intimidation, tearing out of context and deceptive. The head of the Ministry of Defense, Jaroslav Naď (OĽaNO), declared that the doc totally respects the sovereignty of the Slovak Republic. At the identical time, it would allow the drawing of roughly $ 100 million for the modernization of protection infrastructure. Naď refuses that it will create a precondition for the everlasting presence of the USA on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

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