Girl, 14, killed herself after crippling anxiety over ‘falling behind in school work’ during pandemic

A SCHOOLGIRL tragically took her personal life after struggling crippling anxiety over returning to school following the Covid-19 lockdown, an inquest has heard.

Kayley Taylor, 14, was nervous about “falling behind in schoolwork” and as classmates returned she couldn’t get off the bed or dress.

Kayley Taylor, 14, killed herself after ‘falling behind at school’ during pandemic
Kayley Taylor, 14, killed herself after ‘falling behind at school’ during pandemicCredit: Solent
The schoolgirl suffered crippling anxiety
The schoolgirl suffered crippling anxietyCredit: Solent
She struggled to keep up with homework and had connection issues on Microsoft Teams
She struggled to maintain up with homework and had connection points on Microsoft TeamsCredit: Solent

The “little poppet” informed her mom “you don’t understand, I can’t do it”, having suffered connection points on Microsoft Teams and struggled to maintain up with homework.

The teenager’s mom accused her all-girls secondary school, the place one other teen had additionally simply killed herself, of “pressuring” Kayley into returning and alleged her GP “let her down” by failing to talk to Kayley or see her.

On June 17 final yr, Kayley messaged a pal saying “I love you but I can’t do it anymore… I want to kill myself” and hanged herself in a park yards from her dwelling in Horsham, West Sussex.

Another nervous pal desperately rushed to the woodland web site and tried to speak her out of killing herself after Kayley despatched her a Snapchat video outlining her plan.

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Our sons were brainwashed into killing themselves by evil 'suicide forums'

Our sons had been brainwashed into killing themselves by evil ‘suicide forums’

Kayley, of Millais Secondary School, was the second pupil on the school of 1,500 women to die amid psychological well being battles in the area of six weeks after 14-year-old Robyn Skilton handed away on May 7, 2021.

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Today, at Kayley’s inquest in Chichester, West Sussex, her mom, Melissa Taylor, mentioned her daughter was a “conscientious student” who cherished spending time together with her household, in explicit visiting her grandmother, and enjoying loopy golf, croquet and desk tennis.

She mentioned: “She was calm, quiet, loving, beneficiant, variety and school stories mentioned comparable. After lockdown she was anxious.

“From the very first day once they went again [she suffered anxiety]. On the primary day she was simply in her mattress crying and he or she squeezed me so exhausting, there was no means she was going again to school.

“She was nervous as a result of she had missed school.

She mentioned she was lonely in class if not sat together with her pal – it broke my coronary heart. She was comfortable at break when she was together with her mates.

Melissa TaylorKayley’s mum

“After that it was comparable. Some days she wouldn’t stand up, some days she would stand up and dress and that’s so far as she bought.

“I attempted to encourage her by speaking to her and he or she mentioned ‘mum, you don’t perceive, I can’t do it’.

“I asked if it was going to school or going to see friends again, and she could not explain it.”

Mrs Taylor mentioned: “I imagine the school had been extra involved about getting her again reasonably than serving to her, they might not let her make money working from home.

“I used to be pressured to get her to school by being threatened to get the authorities concerned. They mentioned they weren’t going to authorise anymore absences. The school let Kayley down.

“She mentioned she was lonely in class if not sat together with her pal – it broke my coronary heart. She was comfortable at break when she was together with her mates.

“She saved struggling to get into Teams. She saved getting a number of emails from academics saying ‘you are not here’ or ‘log on’ and he or she informed them she was having points.

“I told her there was nothing more we could do, I told her ‘don’t worry, don’t panic’.”

Allan Taylor, Kayley’s father, mentioned his daughter informed him there have been ‘too many people about’.


Mrs Taylor organized a cellphone appointment with Horsham GP Dr Tariq Jahangir, however informed the inquest he didn’t need to converse to Kayley or see her in particular person.

An emotional Mr Taylor requested Dr Jahangir: “I strongly believe we were let down by the GP. Why didn’t you see her?”

Dr Jahangir informed the listening to he wrote to Kayley’s school which mentioned Kayley didn’t current an excessive amount of concern on the time and that prescribing a younger woman treatment would have been outdoors regular apply.

Mrs Taylor felt she was left with “nowhere to go” as she couldn’t get a referral for Youth Emotional Service [YES], which supplies psychological well being assist to teenagers, as a result of Kayley wouldn’t full a questionnaire and he or she was informed she couldn’t do it with out her daughter’s consent.

In questioning Mike Sutton, deputy head and safeguarding lead on the school, Mrs Taylor mentioned: “My concern was that the one time Kayley suggested to work from home she was just refused point blank.”

Mr Sutton mentioned: “I’m saddened to hear that the suggestion was not taken up, I would have liked to think that our flexible approach would have meant we could adhere to it.”

Mr Sutton mentioned the school was “duty bound to try to encourage children to attend school” and didn’t contain authorities.

Kayley’s tutor, Caroline Jones, informed how she provided Kayley and her mom a Samaritans session after Robyn’s dying however she didn’t need any assist.

Emotional Ms Jones, who Mrs Taylor mentioned helped Kayley, cried as she described the teen as a “quiet little thing” who by no means confirmed any suicidal ideations.

Mrs Taylor and Kayley’s mates mentioned on the morning of her dying, the teenager “seemed in a good mood” and went to school.

However, after school, she messaged one pal “I love you but I can’t do it anymore, two of my friends have killed themselves, I want to kill myself”.

One pal known as Kayley, who was in tears and mentioned “she was going to end it”, and so they known as police.

Phone information present Kayley had spoken about “gender identity” with a pal and “thanked them for being supportive” earlier than saying “I’m sorry for this”.

“I’ve been struggling for a while and I’m going to end it”, Kayley mentioned in one message.

Suicide notes had been additionally discovered after paramedics arrived on the scene round 5.30pm.

Coroner Penelope Schofield dominated Kayley killed herself however recorded a story conclusion.

She mentioned: “Although she was 14 she was actually struggling together with her anxiety. I’m glad she knew what she was doing.

“She took her own life while suffering from acute anxiety brought about by the effects of the national lockdown and her concerns of falling behind in schoolwork.”

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Ms Schofield added: “Unfortunately the GP didn’t speak with Kayley himself.”

Ms Schofield made a advice that the YES guidelines are clearer surrounding referrals for teenagers in want of assist.

The schoolgirl tragically killed herself over the idea of returning to school
The schoolgirl tragically killed herself over the thought of returning to schoolCredit: Solent
The 'little poppet' told her mother 'you don't understand, I can't do it'
The ‘little poppet’ informed her mom ‘you don’t perceive, I can’t do it’Credit: Solent

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