Gone to pot: Smugglers try to float SUV with 650 pounds of weed across Rio Grande

Smugglers ferried an SUV loaded with nearly 650 pounds of marijuana across the river separating Texas from Mexico in a failed smuggling try, in accordance to US Customs and Border Protection.

A Chevy Trailblazer crossed the Rio Grande on a makeshift barge close to Brownsville, Texas, on March 22, CPB Agent Jesse Moreno advised The Post.

Using a trailer and empty 55-gallon drums that act as floatation units, the SUV was pulled across the river with ropes into the US.

A driver was sitting within the SUV, carrying 648 pounds of marijuana with a avenue worth of $519,000.

“Once it makes landfall, the vehicle will be able to drive off and then make their way north,” mentioned Moreno.

The ferry methodology is another to getting medication across the river in a raft, the Border Patrol mentioned.

“With the raft, they have 14-16 individuals who will unload (the drugs) into a vehicle that’s already on the US riverbank, but that required that a vehicle drop down near the river. What they’re trying to do is lessen their imprint,” mentioned Moreno.

Smugglers used a trailer and empty 55-gallon drums to float the SUV across the Rio Grande.
US Border Patrol
The Border Patrol says the ferry methodology will not be frequent however they’ve seen the tactic sometimes.
US Border Patrol

Despite the smugglers’ try to keep away from being seen, the Chevy Trailblazer was noticed by border brokers who intercepted it not lengthy after it landed, mentioned Moreno. The driver jumped again into the river and swam again across to Mexico. The SUV and medicines had been seized by the Border Patrol.

The ferry methodology will not be frequent, however the Border Patrol says they’ve seen smugglers make use of this tactic from time to time.

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