Hard Work, Not Entitlement Mentality, Promoted Our Artistes – Nigerians Blast Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale


 - Hard Work Not Entitlement Mentality Promoted Our Artistes     Nigerians - Hard Work, Not Entitlement Mentality, Promoted Our Artistes – Nigerians Blast Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale

An offended cross-section of Nigerians has slammed Ghanaian artistes, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, for his or her current accusations in opposition to the likes of Wizkid, Davido.

Shatta Wale had in a current Twitter rant known as out Nigerian artistes for not reciprocating the love and assist Ghana artistes and residents present them.

Also, Stonebwoy backing Shatta Wale stated that though his colleague’s strategy could also be unsuitable, his message is legitimate.

Stonebwoy requested that Nigerian artistes permit music from different African international locations to flourish on Nigerian platforms on the native and worldwide scene.

This stirred up reactions as some Nigerians went on-line describing their statements as having ‘entitlement mentality’.

Some said that onerous work not having an entitlement mentality put Nigerian artistes on the worldwide map which must be emulated by Ghanaian artistes.

Here are some feedback gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@Savvyrinu “ Ranting and entitlement mentality did not put Nigerian music on global platforms. Hard work did. Nobody forced us to listen or dance to Fuse ODG. It’s not by guilt trip, na by grace, merit and hard work. Africa is one but when you need someone to blame, it’s Nigeria. When Mafikizolo, Tchelete, Master KG from SA controlled Nigerian airwaves for many years, no one complained. Good songs no get enemy.”

@Asiwajulerry “ Shall we begin itemizing the quite a few collaborations Wizkid, Davido and Burna boy have all accomplished with Ghana artistes? Learn out of your fellow Nigerian artistes and brothers, when you don’t push your self, there’s little to what international or brotherly international locations can do to push you. Up your pen video games!

@Letom “ The entitlement is shocking. Music is business, Burna Boy was hawking B. D’OR on the streets of London two weeks ago . Nothing is going to be handed to any of you, Stonebwoy. Put in the work. Imagine us asking English people to watch our league because we watch the EPL.”

@ChiefNomso “ Nigerian Artistes have done countless music with Ghanaian Artistes for over a decade, Joeboy FT a GH artiste this year. Why are Ghanaians not urging South Africans to push their Music? Or only NG can, Nigerian Music got to where it is today cos Nigerians supported their Music.”

@Mikeoriv “ The only valid thing you said here is the Airplay discussion which is debatable. Anything apart from that is pure cap, No other nation shows love to Ghanaian artiste like Nigeria. From R2bees to Sarkodie to so many other guys. Even Ckay’s Love nwantitin had kwesi Arthur on It.”

@Omojuwa “ My Ghana brother Bright Simons says it best, Nigerians are driven. They will push and push. No is not a valid answer. You all should go sit down with Bright so he can show you how to conquer the world with your music. Emotional blackmail won’t cut it! It’s worth zero in the market.”

@Letter_to_jack “ Nigerians love good sound, that’s what gets our attention. This is why Awilo Logomba sacked our airwaves, becoming the life of every Nigerian party. South African songs do that too every now and then. If you want Nigerians to embrace your songs, meet our needs; EVOLVE.”

@WhoisLato “ There’s no big difference between what you said and what Shatta Wale said, the only difference is he’s ranting and you made note about it and tweet it. Why are you guys so envious over there?? Instead of you to sit down and learn from Nigerians and be better at it.”

@GraceChieke “I want Nigerian artiste extra billboard sizzling 100 subsequent yr, extra bought out reveals and extra worldwide recognition. You individuals haven’t seen something, the true fireplace is coming subsequent yr. Make good music, we lengthy good music. You’re not gonna emotional blackmail us.

@MissTeeOfficial “Reducing Nigeria’s musical impact to just being about population is bloody disrespectful. No Nigerian artist wakes up one day and blows, the hard work that goes into the craft is insane. This entitlement is bizarre. Nigerians LOVE other African sounds and support those artists.”

@Samsenaexe “ They constantly make a mockery of us for our security challenges with Boko Haram. They tease me with it every time. They yab our power supply issue. The one thing Nigeria is far better than them at and globally accepted at. They feel jealous and threatened and want it by force.”

@Olly “Please, drop that silly population talk. South Korea does not have a large population, but their entertainment industry has broken barriers worldwide, from music to movies. Stop reducing the hard work of Nigerian acts to “population”, it’s insulting.”

@Drew “ Your biggest song on Spotify and Youtube is a collaboration with a Nigerian artist, be grateful. we owe you nothing.”

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