I’m 50, a mom of 8 — and pregnant again with my daughter’s baby

Talk about a grand gesture. 

Mom of eight, Chalise Smith, 50, is pregnant again — however this time it’s with her child’s baby. 

The Utah-based leisure farmer is gearing as much as give delivery to her personal grandchild in May as a favor for her second-oldest daughter, Kaitlyn Munoz, 24. Munoz suffers from endometriosis and an auto-immune illness referred to as Sjögren’s syndrome, which has rendered her unable to soundly conceive. 

“I had two embryos implanted in September, and that has resulted in me now being pregnant with my granddaughter,” Smith informed Mercury Press & Media. “I’m super excited to see my granddaughter for the first time.”

She supplied to endure IVF and function a surrogate for her daughter — who lives in El Paso, Texas, with her husband Miguel, 30, and their two-year-old son Callahan — after docs knowledgeable Munoz that ought to wouldn’t be capable to safely carry one other youngster to time period. 

Munoz was told she could not longer safely carry children after enduring several serious health complications during her pregnancy with two-year-old son Callahan in 2019.
Munoz was informed she couldn’t longer safely carry kids after enduring a number of severe well being problems throughout her being pregnant with two-year-old son Callahan in 2019.
Emma Lee West Photography/Mercur

“In 2019, I was already struggling with infertility because of my endometriosis, and had been trying for three years to have children to no avail,” mentioned Munoz. 

At that point, she underwent for IVF remedies and grew to become pregnant with Callahan. 

Her being pregnant was going “really well” till she reached the 30-week mark and was identified with Sjögren’s — a situation that causes the immune system to mistakenly assault wholesome cells inside the physique. The dysfunction could cause blood clotting in pregnant girls, and finally lead to miscarriage, per research.

Munoz, who was additionally plagued with pleurisy irritation in her lungs throughout gestation, was “incredibly lucky” to have carried Callahan to time period. But she was devastated to be taught that her childhood dream of bringing a sizable progeny of her personal into the world wouldn’t simply come to move. 

“I was crushed,” the stay-at-home mom mentioned of her prognosis. “It’s always been my dream to have a big family, it’s been my dream to be a mother with lots of kids ever since I was a young girl.”

Smith (left) offered to serve as Munoz's surrogate after she learned of her daughter's infertility issues.
Smith (left) supplied to function Munoz’s surrogate after she realized of her daughter’s infertility points.
Mercury Press & Media Ltd.

Equally distressed by her daughter’s dilemma, Smith privately started contemplating turning into her surrogate. 

“I thought for a long time about how she wouldn’t be able to have any more children,” mentioned Smith. “I kept my thoughts to myself while I made sure I wasn’t making an emotional decision to be a surrogate and knew it was the right thing to do.”

Then sooner or later, nearly serendipitously, she wowed her daughter with the reward of her womb. 

“A few months after she told me [that she couldn’t have anymore children], I gave her a call and offered to be her surrogate,” Smith mentioned of the fateful chat between her and Munoz. “She was in shock at the idea as she had just been sitting in her car waiting for her son to wake up wondering how she’d be able to have more children.”

“My call was like a moment of fate for both of us and the beginning of our journey,” she added. 

And as soon as Smith was positive that her husband Kyle, who’s Munoz’s father, and Miguel had been onboard with the unconventional ordeal, she started the IVF course of — which, for a lady in her 50s, was no cake stroll. 

Smith, a mother of eight and in her fifties, had to get health clearances from her doctors before she was able to become Munoz's surrogate.
Smith, a mom of eight and in her 50s, needed to get well being clearances from her docs earlier than she was capable of turn into Munoz’s surrogate.
Mercury Press & Media Ltd.

“With my age, I had to go through a lot of health checks before I could get the all-clear for becoming a surrogate,” she mentioned of the method. But, fortunately, the docs gave her and Munoz the inexperienced gentle to make a baby. 

“I was so shocked when my mom offered to be my surrogate,” mentioned Munoz. “She’s always been so supportive of what I want to do in life and my dreams of having a big family.”

And she was instantly assured that her mom could be cleared to hold her baby. 

“I know that all of her pregnancies went perfectly and that she is extremely healthy,” mentioned the millennial. “So I never doubted that there would be any issues with her being my surrogate.”

Owing to her mother's good health and history of smooth pregnancies, Munoz's was sure Smith would be cleared to act as her surrogate.
Owing to her mom’s good well being and historical past of clean pregnancies, Munoz was positive Smith could be cleared to behave as her surrogate.
Emma Lee West Photography/Mercur

Smith is ready to provide delivery to Munoz’s baby, a lady, subsequent month. 

“I think the highlight of the whole surrogacy experience will be seeing my daughter’s face light up as she welcomes her own daughter into the world alongside me,” mentioned the anticipating mom and grandmother. 

“In my heart and soul, I just see this picture of having a beautiful girl for my daughter and her husband,” Smith added. “They’ve longed for this so much, to see the joy and love in their faces on their arrival will fill my heart.”

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