Jerry Springer on his daytime TV exit: ‘I was competing against myself’

Jerry Springer has left the studio … for now.

The cancellation of “Judge Jerry” after three seasons leaves Springer and not using a small-screen dwelling for the primary time since “The Jerry Springer Show” launched in 1991 — its host “The Ringmaster” of his raucous daytime circus for the following 27 years.

“Right now I’m just taking a little bit of time to try out this retirement thing,” Springer informed The Post. “I’m 78 and NBC/Universal has been so nice to me. I’ve been on TV for 40 years now, 10 [years] in information after which 31 years with our reveals.

“It would be embarrassing for me to say, ‘Why can’t I do another year or two?’ I’ll see how much I adjust [to retirement] and, if not, I’ll do other projects … I keep getting calls, ‘Would you consider doing this?’ But, right now, I’m really take a time out for the next month.”

Springer continues to host “The Jerry Springer Podcast” — his commentary runs as a column within the Cincinnati Enquirer (he was the town’s mayor from 1977-78 and a information anchor on its NBC affiliate, WLWT, for 10 years) — and, beginning subsequent month, he’ll contribute to “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Morgan’s new streaming discuss present.

“I may expand the podcast, because that’s clearly something I have to do every week,” he stated. “I just don’t know, at this point, that I want to start a full-time job. I’m not saying I won’t — if some wonderful offer comes along I might say, ‘Gosh, this would be great’ — but right now I’m spending as much time as possible with my grandson, Richard. He’s down here [in Florida] for two weeks and then he goes to IMG, the baseball camp [in Bradenton]. He’s 13 going on 20. He’s already 6 feet tall and he’s an exceptional baseball player, so he’s going to pursue that as long as he wants to and we’ll obviously be backing him up.”

Jerry Springer hosting an early episode of "The Jerry Springer Show." He's standing in the studio audiences smiling holding a microphone and a card that has "Springer" written on it.
Springer on an early episode of “The Jerry Springer Show,” which aired first-run episodes from 1991-2018.
©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

He stated he household has been ready for him to take this type of break.

“We joke, but for several years now, they were saying ‘What’s the point of doing all of this?’ he said. “Now clearly we can go and see all of Richard’s games, we can travel together … there really are some wonderful advantages if you stay healthy — otherwise it’s depressing.”

“The Jerry Springer Show” ended its run of originals in 2018 — its well-liked syndicated repeats will proceed to air for the foreseeable future — and, in 2019, Springer launched “Judge Jerry,” a courtroom present taped in Stamford, Ct. (in the identical studio as “Maury,” which also just ended its run after 31 years). After a robust begin, “Judge Jerry” started to expire of steam.

“The first year was wonderful, and the last two years, when the pandemic hit and we weren’t allowed to have an audience and couldn’t have the plaintiff and defendant in the courtroom … we were trying to force something that didn’t naturally flow,” he stated. “I was speaking to events that had been hundreds of miles away — wherever the fits had been filed was the place we put the cameras — and also you’ve acquired that delay, no viewers and [me] sitting in entrance of a inexperienced display screen. It wasn’t what I first imagined.

“But also the reality was that I was competing against myself,” he stated. “In most markets they nonetheless run ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ that’s been holding on, and there’s solely a lot of me {that a} regular human being can take. It was a containment difficulty; if I was going to be so loopy on that present, how can I all of a sudden be severe on the bench?

“People could be well-done with me after 31 years,” he stated. “I loved doing [‘Judge Jerry’], no query, however the trade isn’t based mostly on, ‘Gee, are you having fun doing it?’ It wasn’t making the cash it was making at first. I completely get it. Honestly, I believe what I’ll miss essentially the most are the folks I was working with in Stamford. We had a terrific camaraderie and each Monday night time I might take them out to dinner.

Jerry Springer
“Judge Jerry,” which premiered in 2019, was just lately cancelled after three seasons in syndication.
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

“So they’re going hungry now because I don’t buy them dinner anymore,” he stated. “They keep sending me texts: ‘I’m losing weight. Come back!’”

Springer stated he is aware of how he’ll be remembered within the historical past of daytime tv.

“If a legacy is what you’re best-known for, obviously I’m best-known for the crazy show,” he stated, alluding to “The Jerry Springer Show.” “In a way, I’ve develop into an adjective within the English language when folks say ‘I’m having a Jerry Springer second’ or after they say ‘Don’t go Jerry Springer on me now.’ Everyone is aware of immediately what they’re speaking about.

“The greatest job I ever had was being mayor of Cincinnati, and if God came to me and said, ‘You can do one thing and you can do it for your lifetime,’ I would have chosen that,” he stated. “The query with ‘legacy’ is that it’s simply self-indulgent — the reality is, none of us will likely be remembered 20 years previous our lifetime for the remainder of eternity, until we had been a president or somebody like that. If you ask folks what was the maiden title of their great-grandmother, lower than 1 % of the inhabitants will know — and that’s your personal household.

“The important thing is to be remembered by your kids and your grandkids. If they love me and remember me and I’ve been a good role model for them, that’s all that matters,” he stated. “Everything else is simply conceit. It’s embarrassing to say ‘my legacy.’ It’s not like, 50 years from now, persons are going to be speaking about, ‘Boy, thank God we had Jerry Springer.’

“As long as the crazy show keeps going, I’ll be a part of the fabric of the memories of our culture.”

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