Justin Bieber’s star-crossed chemistry with Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber has lived a blessed life. One may even say it feels so holy, holy, holy, holy, holy.

As one of many first mega breakout stars from the YouTube period, the 27-year-old singer (found by R&B celebrity Usher) skyrocketed to the highest of the world and has been a polarizing determine since. With his iconic hair swoop and teeny-bop tunes, he captivated kiddies worldwide with his boyish attraction.

Yet, the larger he grew to become, the younger star discovered himself rising out of contact with actuality, consumed by the ever greater consumption of fame. Love him or hate him, although, the crooner has discovered that even after some highly publicized scandals and break-ups, he has tried to stay true to his delicate and down-to-earth coronary heart. So was Bieber all the time meant to be a star—or did he simply get fortunate? I’m able to dive proper in, so follow my lead, Beliebers.  

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin pose
Justin Bieber has gone via some vital transformations in his life to date.

Justin Bieber’s natal chart reveals he has all the time been standard

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. This makes him a dreamy Pisces Sun with a brooding Scorpio Moon. Interestingly sufficient, most of his natal chart is predicated in elemental water, which reveals that he’s a extremely emotional human being who swims in his emotions. On one hand, he’s tremendous delicate and sensual—and sure, he’s def a romantic—however on the opposite, we will see that the megastar isn’t very grounded. Like the tides of the ocean, he can cycle via his feelings rapidly and he takes all the pieces personally. He’s extremely intuitive and artistic, however he typically will get his head misplaced within the clouds.

Also, with hella Scorpio vitality in his chart, we additionally know that he’s all-or-nothing, for higher or for worse, and his coronary heart’s wishes are a prime precedence. He additionally has an amazing emotional depth to him, and in case you get on his unhealthy facet, belief me, there shall be drama and emotional warfare. Glutton for punishment? You wager. He thrives on the depth of all of his feelings and if he’s in a foul temper or pissed off at you, sure, you possibly can anticipate him to be extremely manipulative. Now, I’m not saying he’s a foul dude—in fact not. He’s simply mega deep and generally when that occurs, individuals will be pulled to emotional extremes, particularly of their shut intimate relationships (extra on that later—sure, Selenators, I’ll be talking the reality on them).

The factor that I completely love about Bieber’s chart, although, is that a lot of his planetary alignments are in good concord. This reveals that all through his life, he has all the time been capable of be on the proper place on the proper time and be deeply favored by others. He’s had a pure capability to stumble into reputation and fortune with out having to combat too laborious to get what he desires.

Justin Bieber’s start chart reveals that he’s drawn to magnificence—and that ladies love his delicate facet

Next up, I see that his Moon and Venus, the planet of ladies and magnificence, are particularly aspected in his start chart, too. With them dancing in good alignment with so many different planets on the time of his start, which means he was actually destined to carry the delicate and emotional vitality of the Moon into his character alongside with the gentle and female vitality of Venus, too. This is a man who simply radiates allure—and uh, duh, however he’s a complete “feelings guy.” He doesn’t radiate BDE, however he certain as hell radiates “big heart energy.” Kind of like, , a doe eyed cuddle bear however with a hair swoop. This additionally reveals why so many ladies adore him and have since he first hit the scene. His teeny-bop tunes and sweetheart lyrics have been making these queens swoon—and he all the time will be capable of.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have some lovely occasions forward of them, however they will even face challenges.

Justin Bieber is rising up—and has some highs and lows forward of him

What predictions do I’ve for Mr. Bieber going ahead, although? Do you need me to begin with the nice or the unhealthy—as a result of, uh, there’s positively a blended bag forward.

I’m an optimist, so let’s dive into the blissful issues, we could? 2022 shall be one among Bieber’s happiest years, stuffed with new beginnings, pleasure and fertility. Jupiter, the planet of miracles, shall be spinning sweetly via his Sun signal, exhibiting that he’s beginning a complete new chapter of his life. He will really feel extra at peace, artistic and sure—there’s a high likelihood that he could become a father in 2022, too—or on the very least, conceive. Professionally, he’ll probably drop some new work that’s particularly romantic and impressed, too. But TBH: 2022 shall be a bit extra targeted on his private life than his profession, which isn’t a foul factor when he’s already had such a prolific one.

However, there won’t simply be clear skies in 2022 for the pop star and that’s as a result of there are some difficult issues for him to deal with, too. Let’s begin with Saturn. The crooner has simply begun his Saturn Return and it can proceed till 2024. Is the Saturn Return all unhealthy information? No, in fact not, but it surely certain as hell makes issues heavier. He can pay up for the karma he’s constructed within the earlier a long time as he units down new roots for the approaching thirty years forward. Anything that isn’t proper for him will break down and go away his life throughout this time as he has to step into true maturity and carry extra duty. Oh, and then we’ve got Saturn shifting via his Sun signal of Pisces starting 2023 till 2026. Even extra heavy vitality shall be introduced upon him, as he has to study his true sense of energy. Cloudy, gloomy skies? Mmhmm. Sorry, bro, I don’t make the principles, I just report them. He will really feel the load of the world and might want to watch each his psychological and bodily well being.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at an awards show
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had a really excessive astrological compatibility. But that doesn’t imply it was meant to final.

Is Justin Bieber extra suitable with Hailey Baldwin or Selena Gomez?

Oh, and in fact I used to be going to dive into his connection with each Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez as a result of errrrrrbody has heard the drama between this little love triangle (and I specialize in celebrity pop culture astrology). So listed here are the deets: Bieber’s spouse, Hailey Baldwin was born on November 22, 1996. This makes her a Sagittarius Sun with an Aries Moon. If that wasn’t sufficient fireplace, her chart is mainly composed of elemental fireplace in full. This is a lady who’s impulsive, passionate and when she sees one thing she desires—she goes after it. This is why we will see that mainly since day one, when she determined she needed to be Mrs. Bieber, she would do something to get it (together with taking part in some video games and strategic planning. Get it, lady!). Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992. This makes her a Cancer Sun with an Aries Moon. Whoa, so Bieber clearly likes chicks who’re emotionally feisty and take the lead of their private relationships. Both girls are pushed by their coronary heart’s wants and aren’t afraid to be a little bit of an emotional dom. Gomez’s chart, although, is usually composed of earth vitality.

Now, second of reality: who’s Bieber extra suitable with? My compatibility ranking for Bieber and Gomez is… 7 out of 10. My compatibility ranking for Bieber and Baldwin is…6 out of 10. Brutallllllll. Bielebers, don’t come for me! When it involves the best way his planets and chart hyperlink with every of those girls, the extra suitable relationship was the one he had with Gomez—a minimum of, in fact, initially. The connection between them was extraordinarily deep, and was essential for the each of them to evolve into who they’re at this time.

Yet, simply because two individuals might have a robust astrological compatibility doesn’t imply it’s assured to work out—actually, we all the time have free will. And let’s put it this fashion: only a few relationships that begin as younger because it did for Bieber and Gomez find yourself understanding ultimately (particularly with a lot fame thrown in to blur the traces of actuality and clear pondering). Also, this doesn’t imply Bieber and Baldwin will not be going to make it for the lengthy haul. These are simply two individuals who didn’t initially have as mighty of a spark and wanted to take their time to construct it. They are inherently very totally different individuals, however by being devoted to the connection, they’ve put work and effort into making it sturdy. This is without doubt one of the most necessary testaments to any relationship. Oh, and with 2022 and 2023 having such a giant vitality of fertility for the each of them, I positively suppose youngsters might quickly be forward!

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