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If you go to the physician, you’ll be on this! After the brand new one, you’ll be handled even with out an insured card, regardless of which medical health insurance firm you might be insured into. What are you able to show when offering well being care?

The insurance coverage insurance policies of all three medical health insurance firms will be proved to the physician by the policyholder’s digital card. Insurance firms provide it inside their functions. The insured of all medical health insurance firms do not need to hold the insured’s card with them. The physician’s digital model will suffice for them. “Despite the rising variety of customers of our cellular utility, there are nonetheless policyholders who have no idea that within the occasion of the loss or theft of the policyholder’s card, they don’t essentially have to use for a brand new one and look forward to it. All our policyholders can show themselves when offering well being care in Slovakia with an digital model of the policyholder’s card, which they’ll discover immediately within the cellular utility of Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovna (VšZP), “ mentioned Eva Peterová, a spokeswoman for the insurance coverage firm.

The similar process applies to the policyholders of the medical health insurance Dôvera. “When visiting a contracted medical facility, it’s vital for the insured to show their identification with an insured individual’s card (plastic card) or an insured individual’s card in a cellular utility or an identification card with a chip,” Matej Štepiansky, a PR specialist from the insurance coverage firm, approached.

According to a spokeswoman for the Union medical health insurance firm Beáta Dupaľová Ksenzsigh, the purpose of utilizing the insured’s digital card is to simplify procedures and modernize healthcare. “It is subsequently potential for each insured individual to show his or her identification with an insured individual’s card by way of a cellular utility if he / she doesn’t have a proof of identification with the chip. The different is to show oneself by stating his / her beginning quantity, which the well being care supplier can confirm on the portal of the related medical health insurance firm or on the portal of the Health Care Supervision Authority. “ Dupaľová Ksenzsigh specified.

At current, based on the regulation, the insured individual can show his / her well being care in Slovakia with an identification card with an digital chip, or a proof of residence with an digital chip. He might also use the policyholder’s card, the European card or the alternative certificates for the policyholder’s card, the policyholder’s card with the European Union card or by stating his beginning quantity if the policyholder has not been issued a policyholder card or an digital chip ID card.

After the brand new one, it will also be proved by the already displayed card of the insured within the cellular utility of the medical health insurance firm.

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