Low EX Lobotka showed his daughter Linda, she will squeeze your heart


at present 19:25 When you discover the pictures of little daughter Daniela Nízlová, which was printed by her Stano Lobotka, it’s possible you’ll be somewhat moved.

That time flies actually quick. It appears that it was solely not too long ago that the completely satisfied Twiinska Daniela went with a pregnant stomach and shortly shared with the followers the primary pictures of her daughter Linda. Anyone who watches her somewhat manner will positively keep in mind the shot of the newborn foot, on which Lobotková was written in capital letters.

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The little blond princess, who appeared to stare at her father, was celebrating her second birthday. However, rather a lot has modified in Daniel’s Twiinsky life throughout these two years. Although it seemed like they had been dwelling a cheerful household life with the trio with Linda and Stanley in Italy, it was clearly not. A number of months in the past, a breakup got here and Daniela and little Linda returned to her mother and father’ home. Daniel’s expartner and Linda’s father, after all, stayed in Italy, the place he performs soccer.

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Twiinska Daniela ready a celebration for her daughter on the event of her second birthday with lovely decorations and various balloons, which Linda was so completely satisfied that she did not even breathe. “Beautiful second birthday my love, might you be wholesome, completely satisfied, cheerful as at all times. We love you probably the most on the earth, you make our lives extra lovely,” wrote her congratulations to her mom Daniel.


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See what pictures of his daughter Stano Lobotka printed, your heart will be squeezed!

As traditional, Daniela took care of her daughter, the entire household and family members got here collectively. The little skilful additionally danced at her occasion. Well, her daughter Stano Lobotka, who printed a pleasant video with his Linda on the social community, didn’t overlook her daughter that day both. Take a have a look at these pictures, you will be moved by one factor.

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