Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly on the aftermath of the Rams’ parade incident

Kelly Stafford is opening up as soon as extra about the photographer incident at the Rams’ Super Bowl parade.

Last month, a photographer suffered a nasty fall throughout the Rams’ celebratory festivities, with quarterback Matthew Stafford being filmed strolling away as Kelly moved to assist.

“I know Matthew wishes he could have taken that reaction back, but there are times in life I feel, to be totally honest if he tried to help, he probably would have made the situation worse. If anyone did see him or hear his speech that day, he probably wasn’t in the right state of mind to do anything,” Kelly mentioned throughout a current interview with “Carton & Roberts” on WFAN, ensuring to notice that wasn’t an excuse.

The Staffords seen during the Rams' Super Bowl victory parade getting ready to take a photo
The Staffords are seen throughout the Rams’ Super Bowl victory parade on the point of take a photograph
Fox 11 Los Angeles
Kelly Stafford reacts to the photographer's fall during the Rams parade in February 2022
Kelly Stafford reacts to the photographer’s fall throughout the Rams parade in February 2022
Fox 11 Los Angeles

“It wasn’t the best reaction, but when we got in the car after, he asked me to text the Rams people and make sure she was okay, and the next day was when we tried to figure out a solution.”

The couple, who has been married since 2015, introduced that they’d cowl the photographer’s medical bills from a fractured backbone sustained in the fall, and would exchange her digital camera tools.

Following the incident, nonetheless, the photographer’s social media historical past was dropped at mild, by which she habitually used the n-word.

“Part of me feels her whole life was thrown in the washer in a way, and I hate it for everybody involved,” Kelly mentioned. “I’ll be totally honest with you guys, after I heard about the things said by her 10 years ago, part of me wanted to reach out and be like, I’m so sorry this is happening, I hope you’re not the same person you were 10 years ago, and if you are, I pray that this changes you… Everyone makes mistakes, everyone says things, Matthew made a mistake on that stage, so I think everyone needs to show a little bit of compassion and empathy and hope that people can learn from their mistakes.”

Matthew and Kelly Stafford during the Rams' Super Bowl victory parade
Matthew and Kelly Stafford throughout the Rams’ Super Bowl victory parade
Instagram/Kelly Stafford

The Staffords had beforehand addressed the incident on Kelly’s podcast, “The Morning After,” final month, with the 34-year-old quarterback expressing regret over what transpired that day.

“I do know that the reaction that the world saw in that split second, I do know that’s not what you wish would have been your reaction,” Kelly mentioned, to which Stafford replied, “Yeah, I mean, that obviously happened really quickly and suddenly and unexpectedly, and wish I had a better reaction in the moment.”

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