New NY bill would force divestment from companies that boycott Israel


A bill making its means by the state Senate would prohibit New York State from contracting with companies boycotting Israel.

“BDS as we know it is an orchestrated movement to weaken and delegitimize Israel,” the bill’s sponsor, Long Island Sen. Anna Kaplan, advised The Post, referring to the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions motion, which requires establishments to divest from Israel.

“It is really important that we send a very strong message that New York stands with Israel and supports Israel, as we have done for decades.”

New York already has an anti-BDS coverage because of a 2016 Executive Order issued by former Gov. Cuomo.

After Ben & Jerry’s moved to cease promoting their ice cream in components of Israel, the state pension fund eliminated greater than $100 million in investments from dad or mum firm Unilever.

Kaplan says it’s essential to improve the order to precise statute.

The New York State senate room.
The bill is at the moment making its means by the state senate.
Former governor Andrew Cuomo at the 71st annual  Israel Day parade.
Former governor Andrew Cuomo on the 71st annual Israel Day parade.
Richard Harbus

“This bill is really important because it codifies the state’s anti BDS rules into law,” she stated.

Kaplan has tried to get the bill over the end line since 2019. A complete of 35 states have adopted some type of anti-BDS laws in keeping with the Jewish Virtual Library.

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